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Join us if you really need to lose fat

8/17 15:26:42

In the pursuit of a “devil”, advocating the “skinny beauty” today, obesity not only affects health, but also damage their image. With the increasing number of obese population to participate in the exercise to lose weight is also growing. However, a lot of exercise to lose weight participants, or follow the trend to catch the trend give up halfway, did not exercise to lose weight stick to it, not as a way of life.
Practice has proved that the best treatment for the prevention and treatment of obesity than the movement. First of all, exercise to lose weight by burning calories, burn body fat. How the fat diet to prevent? It is a quantitative control of scientific research work is needed. Second, according to calculations, people want to lose weight kg, about 7,000 calories consumed. If just for a walk, do exercises or engaged in domestic work such as anaerobic exercise, consumption is simply just eat into the belly of the heat. And to reduce the accumulation of fat in the body, most effective weight loss exercise is to participate in the aerobic exercise.
The so-called aerobic exercise, is the persistence, endurance sports, like jogging, cycling, swimming. Also, joining such systemic movement, should be continued for more than 30 minutes, the only way to meet expanding cardiopulmonary, accelerate metabolism, effects of oxygen to burn fat. Because the movement mechanism of losing weight is: Human motion energy from sugar and fat. Aerobic exercise, muscle blood free fatty acid and glucose use increased, causing fat cells to release large amounts of free fatty acids, so that the fat cells thin; while excess blood sugar is consumed, cannot be converted to fat.
In sports, epinephrine, to increase in nor epinephrine secretion, can increase the activity of lipoprotein lipase, improves lipid protease activity, acceleration of triglyceride-rich Chilies and decomposition of low density lipoprotein, reduces blood lipids, elevated high density lipoprotein, ultimately accelerating effect of free fatty acids.
People often engaged in endurance exercise, muscle cell membrane insulin receptor sensitivity increased, and enhanced insulin binding capacity of insulin on biolysis showed strong inhibition with catecholamine and growth hormone, which can be reduced with Catecholamine and growth hormone increases, ultimately speed up the free fatty acids, obesity, resting state metabolic rate is low, less energy consumption. After a system of exercise, functional level, especially enhanced cardiac function, endocrine regulation of improving, obesity and metabolism levels, increase energy consumption.
Obesity appropriate intensity exercise training, often occurs in the normal loss of appetite, so as to limit the intake of calories, the body’s negative balance of energy metabolism, causing fat to reduce.
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