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To lose fat depend yourself

8/17 15:25:55

Exercise is to maintain the ranks of the body the best, the safest choice, more and more people to join sports and fitness, but in the enthusiasm of fitness atmosphere you choose which sports. Why do sports and fitness for a long time, not ideal body change? Fitness is a certain scientific methods, body shape characteristic of different people should be taken and appropriate forms of exercise, to be more conducive to their fitness, achieve the ultimate aim of both health and beauty.
Thin, less fat, poor muscle strength is not strong, the strength often internal organs is not very healthy. Exercise should be gradually exercise the basic physical, gradually strengthen the muscle strength, endurance and physical flexibility, weight training, participate in aerobics, skipping, swimming and other dynamic movements. The thin type of person is following a special diet. Intake of foods rich in protein, to enhance the function of internal organs, and enhance muscle force, but also multi-vitamin intake.
Looks thin, but there are a lot of fat muscle strength and function of internal organs are often not strong, physical strength is not good. This type of person suitable for sports such as walking, climbing stairs, skipping, and swimming makes fat burning exercise. Diet should avoid engorgement, eat less sweets, eat less high fat content of the food, but the intake of high protein foods.
Weight in the weight range, but their upper arms, buttocks and abdomen to leg fat than standard-no problem as long as muscles and joints, you can participate in any sports, such as: playing, swimming, horseback riding, aerobic exercise is better. But if you usually are not regular exercise, not sudden strenuous exercise. Should be done before each exercise, you do warm-up exercises and gymnastics, enhanced muscle strength. Eating only moderate, balanced nutrition intake, eat supper, not excessive intake of fat-containing foods can be.
Various parts of the body skin fold thickness is too thick, overweight, and almost no muscle, bones support the weak type. In daily life, climb a few stairs and you’ll be “breathless”. Such people should do more aerobic exercise and swimming, and burns fat. Often do static stretching exercises to strengthen the muscle and bone. Would also like to remind you that the tendency due to the obese people have hypertension, the first blood pressure before exercise and pay attention to the correctness of the action, but do not be overly intense exercise, poor physical condition necessary to stop the movement, and not be too hasty. Food must not be excessive dieting. Sugar is not drastically reduced, in order to avoid blood sugar drops, and increase the sense of fasting.
In short, whatever the means and methods of exercise must abide by, “vary” and the principle of gradual and orderly progress. All is haste, less speed up, as long as perseverance, slim, muscular body will gradually move closer to you.

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