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Out of top weight loss methods, which one is considerable? Part – 2

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When you are done with picking fat burning exercise made for you (the one you can go with for your rest of life), and the perfect fat free diet for yourself (the one which you can love for your life and is fat free), then it will be wise to look around for additional help for fast results. Here comes the role of external medication and supplements. Weight loss is a very common problem for ages. Doctors and scientists have gone a long way to help people fight extra fat. There are several medicines have developed, and they are in the market with numerous names. But the basic idea behind these prescribed and non-prescribed medications are limited. Here lets look over the most common and popular basic ideas.

First one I’ll like to talk about those medicines which make people feel full even when they are hungry. These medicines work by reducing your craving. This means that they eat less. And if you combine this with fat free food, then think about the results. They are quick no doubt. One example of medicine based on this formula is Reductil. It is prescribed treatment for quick weight loss. According to studies, people reduce weight three times with Reductil than without it, assuming diet plan and exercise routine same. The benefit of this method or these medicines is that they don’t let you feel situation like you are hungry, food is in front of you, and you can’t eat. It is advised to consult your doctor before you actually start taking any medicine. It is important to avoid any big or minute risk.

The second common idea isn’t letting people know that they are hungry. It is different from the one above. Above is the one which makes people feel full, and this idea makes people think not hungry. The medicines based on this principle blocks the receptors which tells the brain that you are hungry. So your body still sends signals that it is hungry but your brain does not receive them. Again, nice idea. You are not feeling hungry so no urge for food, and whatever you eat is fat free. One popular example of medicine made on this principle is Acomplia.

One common thing about these two basic principles on which several medicines are made is that they make people perceive different situations than actually it is. Though several studies have conducted so far on the medications based on these two principles, and there is nothing wrong found with them, still letting the brain know different situation than actually it is, is somewhat risky. Scientists have discovered some side effects, and have already announced precautionary things with these medications. One simple yet very effective precaution is to take plenty of water.

Besides these two common principles, I’ll like to talk about one more which seems to be better than these two. The third principle hasn’t let the body absorb fat anymore. As said in part one of this article, it is almost impossible to restrict your diet completely fat free. It is possible that you eat a low fat diet, but fat free is almost impossible. So, why don’t go for low fat food with those medicines which don’t let your body absorb any fat. This way your diet will be fat free. And this principle is not doing to mislead your brain as well. Excellent example of medicine based on this idea is Xenical, and it is very popular all over the world.

So, we can conclude the ideal path to get rid of extra fat and live healthy for the rest of your life is based on three things – the food or diet you choose for the rest of your life, the exercise you engage yourself for the rest of the life, and the medicine you may opt for getting fast results. Please note that going for medication can be recommended for a limited time, till you don’t come to good shape. They are not recommended for whole life. Take them as extra help in getting faster results. Good luck.

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