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Fat Attack – How Can You Burn Fat And Lose Weight

8/17 15:15:47

Nowadays there is an information revolution. Now you can go online and search whatever you need to know like how to burn fat or read a magazine about fat loss. This is a very good thing to get the information you need very easy but on the other hand there is an information overload, for example many fat loss methods could be found online, in newspapers or magazines and you don’t know which one to choose and start implementing to lose fat.

To help you in this noisy informational revolution I will make it very simple for you and talk about the basic idea of any successful weight loss program, most probably you already know that.

Before I tell you that I should explain first how our bodies store fat. Simply when there are extra calories in the body not used to produce energy the body store it in the form of fat in different parts starting from the areas we can see like the belly and butts and ending with dangerous areas that we can’t see like the liver and kidney.

So to lose weight you should get rid of the extra calories, and to get rid of them you have two options, the first is to not eat them at first place and the second option is to use them to form energy I mean by physical activity (exercises).

You see how simple it is? Do think that it has to be complicated? Do you think that there is a magic solution to lose fat? Do you think that experts who introduce themselves in a great marketing way are doing more than that? Really you need to think again. The plain truth is that it is as simple as this “Burn more than you eat”.

Some people read a lot about fat loss and learn a lot of methods to lose weight, try them one by one. By time they gain more knowledge and they already know what methods worked for them and others didn’t. I think that if one of these people is reading this article I think that they wish if they read it long time ago. Why? As I am sure that their conclusion of their long reading and trial and failure is what I mentioned above.

So if this is the first article you read about weight loss please save yourself a lot of time and/or money and keep it simple as this “Burn more than you eat”. I know that this can be done in different ways and even with this idea in your mind you can find a lot of option and you don’t know what is best for you.

Again to make it simple I will give this example, the more the engine of a machine works the shorter it will live, right? Your body is like a machine when you give it fuel more than its basic needs then you exercise to burn that extra fuel then the end result will be more work, right? That’s why I prefer that the weight loss plan include more diet instructions to make sure that you are eating only what your body needs and the exercise part is used for fitness purpose not to burn fat.

Another thing you should keep in your mind when losing fat is that you should understand the plan you will follow. For example when you read in the plan that you should stop drinking soda, you may do that but in the same time you replace it with a lot of juice, tea or coffee which contain a lot of sugar, this means that you didn’t understand that the idea behind cutting of soda is the sugar in the soda which increases fat not the soda itself. So make sure you understand the plan you are going to follow to lose weight.

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