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Overview of the 6 Day Mini Body Makeover

8/17 15:14:12

An imperative to effectively deal with today’s customer base in the health and fitness market is to stay ahead of their lifestyle demands. This is seen most in the area of compressed time.

Fundamentally people want more results in less time. With weight loss that means the company creating the product must come up with a way to get the user results faster but still safely.  The 6 Weeks Body Makeover from Michael Thurmond creates time compression and seeks to guarantee results by “eating more, exercising less”.

This concept is borrowed from the P90X, “90 Day Challenge”. What companies are finding is that you create defined end points for measuring results in the near future and back it with a guarantee to draw people in. Everyone wants to know how long something is going to take and what the time frames are going to be.

In continuing with this theme, Michael Thurmond created the 6 Day Mini Makeover.  Basically the idea boiled down is: if 60 great, wouldn’t 6 be even greater?  The product comes in the form of a book with companion DVD depending on where you buy it. The guarantee is for you to drop 1 pants or dress size in 6 days. The science behind the program is substantially similar to the 6 Weeks Body Makeover.

There are certain foods which we eat regularly which we feel are benign (like salt, or “low-fat” processed foods) that are basically driving us to store rather than burn fat.  Like the 6 Week plan, the 6 day plan isolates your body type using a series of detailed questions. You then eat according to the prescribed schedule according to your body type. Get ready for eating lots of little meals in a day. Also get ready for the drastic reduction/elimination of oils, salt, and bad fats.  The book pushes on the diet end but doesn’t require anything extreme on the exercise end.

This is also like the 6 week plan. Thurmond’s programs are definitely for people who don’t like to exercise. If you master eating right for the long-term, you master your body weight. I would agree that this is more true than not.

The book operates as a spring board for the much more thorough 6 Weeks Body Makeover program. There is undoubtedly a magic that begins to happen almost immediately when you shift you’re eating habits to more foods which speed up your metabolism.  So the theory behind what Mr. Thurmond is doing is sound in both the 6 day and 6 week programs.


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