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Healthy Diet For Kids - What Diet Your Kids Should Be Eating?

8/17 15:14:06

The health of your kids should be at the top of your priorities. Diet is where you can start to give the body of your kid what it needs so it can grow normally ans healthy. Bad eating habits can get your kid into serious health problems. To be honest with you I should say that although healthy diet is not rocket science but it need effort from you to watch your kids and what they eat.

So here is what you can do to give your children a healthy diet:

1- Do you restrict food? Do you think it is ok? Really think again, do you know that one of the easiest ways to make your kids do something is to tell them don’t do that. Yes it is the human nature, so by restricting food you may lead them to eat more when you can’t watch them. Also restricting food has some health problems that may not be obvious to you now but will affect your kids later in life.

2- Do you know what your kids like? and what they don’t like? Of course you, so use this to convince them to eat only the healthy food and stay away from the bad food. As in the above tip you should not tell your kids eat this or don’t eat that but you can say something like eat this food (which contain protein) to have strong muscles so you can play better. Or if your kid is a girl you can say something like if you want long beautiful hair and beautiful skin eat vegetables and fruits. Use things that they like to motivate them to eat healthy food and use things they don’t like to make them stay away from junk food.

3- Use alternatives: some people just want their kids stop eating unhealthy food but because the kids like the taste of that food it will be so difficult to make them stop eating it. Instead you should give your kids healthy alternatives, for example you can cook the food they like at home in a healthy way instead of buying canned food. Give them strawberries dipped in small amount of chocolate sauce instead of candy.

4- Put the right amount in each one plate: when you are preparing the food don’t put all the food in front of them and give each one a plate. Instead put the right amount in each one plate as sometimes we eat more just because the food is available.

Apply these simple tips to your kid’s diet to make it healthier. Your kids health should be one of your priorities so pay attention to what they put in their mouth.

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