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Want To Alleviate Leptin Resistance? Ways To Do So

8/17 15:14:05

Leptin is the hunger hormone, it works by increasing appetite and increasing fat stores in the body. Leptin is made and released by fat cells, so the more fat you have the more Leptin will be released in your blood and the more Leptin in your blood the less hungry you will be. Unfortunately in fat people the brain may resist the effect of this hormone so their appetite will not be suppressed as normal. This condition is called leptin resistance.

So instead of feeling full and your brain knows that you have enough fat it acts as if you are in starvation case. This makes you want to eat foods that contain high calories. And what your body do when you are starving is accumulate fat as a survival mechanism. So those who suffer from leptin resistance accumulate more fat even if they are very fat as there brain is not responding to the appetite suppressing hormone.

Storing more fat is not the only problem as the metabolism is lowered and other hormonal problems coexist like type II diabetes, insulin resistance, low testosterone, polycyclic ovary and thyroid affection.

So how to cure this resistance to leptin?

Unfortunately there is no drug that been approved to cure this condition but can decrease this resistance to leptin by doing all or some of the following thing:

1- The Right Diet:

If the brain can’t monitor the level of fat in your body automatically then you can roughly monitor it and just give your body what it needs so it will has nothing left o make fat and store it. You should a balanced containing protein, carbs and fats in similar amounts. About 40% of your diet should be carbs, 30% of it should be protein and the remaining 30% should be fat.

2- The Right Type Of Food:

It is not only about the amount of food you eat or percentage of each component but also it is about the type of food you eat. Small amount of bad carbs can add more calories to your body more than a large amount of good healthy carbs like those in fruits and vegetables. You can find lists of healthy foods online just make a simple search on google and you will find many of them.

3- Water Is So Important:

So many people get busy in there work or whatever they are doing during the day and they forget to drink enough amount of water. Water is important to boost your metabolism, hydrate your muscles during exercise and important for the burning process of calories.

4- Exercise:

You can’t get around this even if you have a heart disease, God forbids. You need to exercise at least walking for about 20 to 30 minutes per when you are going to or back from work. I want to stress on the exercise part as many people think that it is enough to have a healthy diet but it is not.

Apply the above few tips and hopefully the leptin resistance will be alleviated.

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