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Essential Components of Your Edge with the Six Week Body Makeover Book

8/17 15:14:03

The hyper-competitive weight loss market has held a void for years when trying to address a very large segment of the population. This segment is basically people who need to lose weight, can’t lose weight for whatever reason, but who also don’t want to be tied down to hard daily exercise.

What the market cried out for but wasn’t seeing was a program that so thoroughly understood food and what made thin people thin and fat people fat that these ideas could be boiled down and sold to the mass segment who needed it.

The larger reason this segment wasn’t being served had much to do with the science not yet catching up. Basically, the dominant paradigm of thought with weight loss has boiled down to calories in v. calories burned. There hasn’t been effective understanding of the different body processes that ensue based on the type of food people have been putting into their bodies. In other words quantity was everything and content was totally misunderstood.

Slowly that pendulum has swung and people are being exposed to the ideas that certain foods (less processed, with less additive salts, sugars, and white flour) are preferable to keeping weight off. People know people who seem to eat all they want of the right things and not gain weight. They see people who don’t pay calorie counting much mind and don’t exercise to any great extreme, who seem to keep weight off and look great effortlessly.

This renewed interest in food metabolism has driven the creation of products like the Six Week Body Makeover Book and Kit. The fundamentals as they are laid out by the creator Michael Thurmond are about actually eating more, exercising less, and still losing weight. The essential components of the program come down to two things.  First understanding fully what body weight loss blueprint you have and then creating an eating plan that encourages more weight loss while not depriving you. Then you will be tailoring exercise to attack the problem areas that trouble you as an individual so you can create positive change in those areas on about 20 minutes, two times per week.

Your body definitely will change quicker if you are eating right. Change is easier to achieve with less exercise. These concepts have been reported to give users large edges in achieving good success stories. One thing you have to understand is the program requires a fair amount of diligence and work up front.


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