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Why Weight Loss Programs Can Be Good

8/17 15:14:02

There is a growing movement in the exercise and fitness community away from diet, exercise, or fitness programs of any kind. Generally speaking the idea is that people often don’t follow these programs, than they don’t get the results, than worst of all, they lose hope.   When they lose hope, they tend to revert back to old habits.  

To me the obvious problems with programs are that the user can feel pressured to try to defeat something.   The added stress and friction often means that when the person completes the process, it won’t be sustainable for the long term.  This is probably the biggest impetus for the generalized movement away from programs. Many of these programs are simply not sustainable long-term.

The positives with programs should not be overlooked. First, something like the 6 Week Body Makeover Kit by Michael Thurmond gives a person structure. One of the primary reasons I believe that P90X is such a hit and has been so effective. Many times, we need a road map. We need to be told what to do and when to establish good habits for the future. We also need to see results and very often this is a danger of doing it our own way. We don’t have the necessary knowledge or training to get where we want to go.

Good information allows us to take away worry and simply follow along. The reality is, left to our own devices we might not get much of anything done.  We also have the benefit of a ready-made community. One of my favorite aspects of the Beach Body experience is that they had super online support and a fabulous community of people to fall back on with questions or concerns.  You can compare your results and get tips.

With the 6 Week Body Makeover Kit, one of the large problems is you run into the issue of food variety. People complain about it not including salt, or salt-included spices. With the program experience you can absolutely keep it off beat and not boring.  So you get the benefit of a workable program and all the resources of thousands and thousands of people with similar knowledge base. Without a program, you would total miss out on these vital resources.  Overall, you also build knowledge for later on that you can use to tailor your own variations or create your own diet or workout program. Even if you don’t follow something to the letter on into the future, you’ll always be able fall back on generalized knowledge of what works.


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