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Taking the Weekend Off: The Self-Con of Failed Weight Loss

8/17 15:13:34

Observing and drawing some generalized but hopefully useful conclusions is a large part of helping people with their weight loss and exercise questions.  One of my recent endeavors has been to work with people about the concepts of eating a good diet using the Michael Thurmond 6 Week Makeover Program as the tool for imparting the lessons.

The concepts in Michael Thurmond 6 week makeover are somewhat cutting edge if you have been raised and conditioned to worry mostly about calories and food volume as the primary factors in your weight gain or loss status.  However the layout of the program is very simple to understand. Eat healthful things that serve to change your metabolism for the better and you will lose weight and keep it off.

One of the unfortunate and often bedeviling blockers to success I see from people is an unwillingness to bend at all from cherished beliefs which in many cases may be preventing them from achieving any lasting success. One that I haven’t written about but I saw pointed out recently by my friend Jan over at eatingplansforweightloss.info was the way people often take the weekend as a time to do whatever they want and eat whatever they want. What results is a full 8 days out of about 30 each month where you could be torpedoing your fitness. 

People who swear that they want to be in shape but also practice this routine, don’t really want to be in shape. Instead they want have unhealthy levels of fun a lot more. That is fine, but I advocate clarity about what you want. I also advocate being straight forward with yourself about what it will take to get there.   So let’s propose an alternative approach to this habit.

I have said on many occasions that eating out is fine but best done in the context of using it as a treat. Rather than simply go to a fast food joint that you kind of like x amount of days per week, why not trying taking eating out and making it a real treat. Make it a situation where you go to a place you really want to go to, spend the extra money and go one time a month.

The 6 Week Body Makeover program makes it clear that discipline, especially initially, is vital for weight loss results.  The nice corollary is if you practice that discipline, the treats taste way better and are more enjoyable.


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