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Getting Familiar with the Different Degrees of Hunger

8/17 15:12:47

Flat out and direct we in the western countries are probably way over fed. I am not generally opposed to eating a lot, especially of the right things.


The problem is not that we eat too much as you often hear. The problem is our bodies are never asked to adapt to a healthy idea of how much food we need. Consequently we have no training in operating on less food. We don’t know what full is because we eat too fast. We don’t know how to regulate ourselves to be in better control of our weight. The body is funny in that it sort of has a brain that is wholly separate from the brain we know in our skulls. We actually have a gatekeeper that is way smarter and way more adaptable then we imagined called metabolism.

We probably all have this general idea that metabolism is something we are born with and is static. Actually it is subject to variation throughout our lives based on what we feed the body.Six Week Total Body Makeover from Nutritionist and Activist Michael Thurmond is based on the principles that we can alter that metabolism by being very diligent about the content of what we eat. In conjunction with that is our gaining of knowledge of what our body is feeling and how much fuel it needs.

Six Week Total Body Makeover changes your body’s relationship to food. If you are able to suddenly see the degrees of hunger in a more informed way, you will absolutely flourish during and after the program.  You will start to see different states beyond the two that you likely knew in the past: hungry and full.  Eating multiple meals of quality foods that promote fat burning rather than fat storing will hopefully help you see that you can function even better and more alert beneath full. That there even are better places than full where you are more in control and less a slave to eating. When you find those degrees of hunger you will be able to self-regulate without the direct aid of Six Week Total Body Makeover or any other program.

It’s a different feeling and at first you can fall into the trap of confusing not being full with hunger. Take the mindset that the first 2 weeks are about your body being in a state of yearning and it is ok. Like any other regimen the first two weeks are about finding comfort on some level within the discomfort.


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