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How You Can Improve Performance by Altering Sleep Habits

8/17 15:10:23

You may have read many times about what fitness experts call the “holy trinity” of being healthy and fit. You of course have nutrition and exercise, but the third one is often relegated so far to the back that it gets disregarded altogether.

Sleep is something that unfortunately is approached with less than great care in our modern world.  Sadly, it is often looked at as being badge of honor to not sleep very little and grind hard through life. Sleep is many times associated with being weak or a wimp.

People who believe that is need to ask themselves: If that is the case, why is it so emphasized by both exercise scientists and physicians alike?  The answer is because it is vital and if you neglect sleep, you are going to greatly marginalize your results and probably end up quitting your fitness habits when they aren’t turning out how you like.  First, sleep aids in recovery from exercise so you can repair properly and grow muscles. Also studies show that people who don’t get proper sleep tend to over eat and eat the wrong things because they are fatigued, rushed and eating at hours which are conducive to storing fat.

Before you buy Six Week Body Makeover or any other program, commit yourself to establish consistent healthy sleeping patterns. I’d even make sure those habits are firmly established before I look to spend any money.

You may even find you don’t need to buy Six Week Body Makeover, but instead you simply needed to get better control of the holy trinity. My idea is you want to sleep between the hours of 10 and 6 in the morning. If 7 hours is your number try to get to bed no later than 11. If you need more, make it closer to 10. Keep electronic gizmos and all those things like computers away from the place where you sleep. Focus on little things like have the area at optimum temperature way before bed time.   A lot of people even like to do their regular exercise in the evening so that they feel good and tired making sleep easier.

My challenge to you is to focus on sleep without worrying about anything else such as nutrition and exercise. Notice if mastering this part of the “holy trinity” doesn’t totally change your performance and results in the other areas.  There is nothing but down sides in ignoring proper sleep.




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