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Who is Michael Thurmond and Why Should You Be Listening to Him?

8/17 15:10:15

While we have written extensively on the Six Week Body Makeover program itself over the last month, we haven’t spent considerable time on the background of the program or it’s origins.

On the bright side, if you are on the fence about engaging the process of the body blueprint questionnaire, the menu with it’s strict requirements, and the difficulty finding good mention options when you are limited on things like salt and sugar additives, the person is behind the program is highly competent and experienced.  Michael Thurmond is all about finding solutions that are effective, quick, and probably most important: based on reality of everyday life. He put together Six Week Body Makeover to specifically target us where it matters the most: what we eat.

I admit personally that before I truly understood what to eat and why that was critical, I didn’t get the consistent and sustained results I was looking for from fitness.  The key to understanding Six Week Body Makeover is to see that our knowledge about what to eat and when to eat is lacking. We gain our understanding through word of mouth from resources that probably aren’t the most reliable. Frankly, the food pyramid is dubious at best too.

Michael Thurmond got his start in North Carolina helping lower income people achieve better health and well-being through education in the very diet principles which buttress Six Week Body Makeover. Basically, the ideas are about eating more real food prepared with less salts and added sugars to avoid weight loss. There is a general lack of emphasis on total calories but a great vigilance towards what you are eating.

What Michael did worked so well in North Carolina that he took it to the San Francisco area to expand his audience and reach.  He eventually caught the attention of the entertainment industry who took to his effortless approach to not only losing weight but keeping it off. Again, what you eat makes the difference and the concept is fairly common now, but was revolutionary back when it was introduced. Michael went on to win awards for bringing these concept to under privileged areas and his total amount of people helped numbers in the hundreds of thousands worldwide.  The goal with Six Week Body Makeover was to bring the sharpest best of what works to you in one comprehensive program with a defined schedule. This beginning and end in short duration is a popular element in many of today’s most popular workout programs.




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