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What Should We Note When We Lose Weight

8/17 15:09:12

The last questionnaire survey showed that more than 80% of the girls lose weight, but the end is failure. In other words, the weight loss is basically a comprehensive failure. Why is it in the end?


In fact, the reason is very simple. More than 60% of the girls who want to lose weight is to pretty, only 10% of the girls pay attention to health; more than 90% of girls want to reduce the abdomen, waist, hips or legs, and they measure by weighing or through looking in the mirror; more than 60% of the girls adopt diet, including direct diet and diet pills, and only less than 25% of girls adopt moderate exercise. In other words, the popular weight loss is mainly through diet, and the aim is to lose weight.


However, going on diets to lose weight is doomed to failure from the outset. No one would suspect that you can lose weight if you do not eat foods. If you look at the thin and dazed children on the poverty-stricken areas of Africa, you will know it. The problem is that how long you can stick, and how about the results and consequences. The following answer will make you very disappointed for diet: diet cannot help you lose weight, vegetarian cannot help you lose weight, and the fruits also cannot make you lose weight. They will not only fail to make you slim, but will make you fatter and more aging.


Moreover, diet will make your physical decline, and the amount of exercise reduces, as well as the nutrients reduce; over time, it can also cause the death of brain cells, hair loss, the osteoporosis and cessation of menstruation, as well as induce gallstones and other serious consequences. Later, you certainly cannot stick to it, and you begin to eat more foods, so the weight will eventually rebound and super rebound. Why is it? It is that because the human metabolic rate will decline with the decline in food intake, exercise and nutrients. Your body is very smart to prepare for energy like a hibernating bear, learn to adjust metabolic rate to tide over your difficulties. So, even if it is a return to the same calorie intake to lose weight as before, the fat storage in the body will be more than in the past, like the fat bear of the second fall, because the metabolic rate declines.


Furthermore, when girls lose weight, some of them only eat vegetarian diet; this will cause them lack of essential nutrients. This will bring you dry skin, pale face, and even hair loss; at the same time, the lipid metabolism decreases, so that increases the further obesity.


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