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Do You Need A Good Excuse For Your Weight?

8/17 15:02:30

Much of the population is concerned about their eating habits and weight. This is a good practice. However, you may face times of great trouble. Maybe there is a reunion or special event on the horizon. You have procrastinated a great deal and there is no time to lose weight. The time for miracles is past. What you need, is a very good excuse. Here are some things that you may wish to consider.

Have you ever thought that your problem may be caused by a rare condition? Perhaps certain things affect your metabolism. A simple act of using an electric hand mixer might trigger this condition. It could be so rare that no one has ever heard about it. Doctors cannot help you. They have no idea what it is.

When you have this rare condition, mention that you are doing everything that you can. Nothing seems to be working. Everything you try, meets with failure. Will people believe you? There is a chance that they may be skeptical.

Perhaps demonic possession would be a better reason for your weight problem. It is trendy topic. It is also very hard to prove or disprove. This makes it a good excuse for things. It is being blamed for many things. Why not throw obesity into the mix of things. Start your story off with a normal day in your life. You were making a salad or perhaps a healthy smoothie with a hand blender. You suddenly felt a strange presence. Appliances started acting oddly.

Kitchen appliances act oddly at times. Perhaps they are possessed too. Details like this are difficult to dispute. They are like UFO accounts. Maybe they happen. Maybe they do not. You may say that this event has drawn you to fattening foods. Things have been different since then.

Maybe another demon has possessed the remote control to your TV. That is why you can never find it. It may change channels to food commercials, frequently. It might turn the volume up on certain commercials. This may be why commercial volumes are so loud.

Demonic possession may be a good excuse for obesity. There may be an entire population of demons devoted to this. These fat demons would take great delight in frustrating you in your weight loss efforts. This is a possibility. It would explain why so many people have so much trouble with weight control. It may not be your fault. You may be possessed by a fat demon. You may ask how to get rid of this creature. The answer to that question may not be available yet. However, awareness may bring about possible cures for afflictions.


You may need a quick excuse for being overweight. Maybe you need to attend an important event. You may consider a rare condition that is tied to your Cuisinart hand mixer. Perhaps you will choose the demonic possession excuse. You may not choose any excuse, and face the problem head-on. This may be your best alternative.

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