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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome And The Importance Of Weight Loss .

8/17 15:02:03

Why It's Necessary to Lose the Weight

To the average person who has no understanding of polycystic ovarian syndrome they might be excused for wondering just why it is so important that the sufferer loses much of her excess weight. The majority of women are only too well aware of whether they are over weight, under weight or for the fortunate few, just right. Unfortunately for the lady with PCOS as it is commonly known, it goes much deeper than a simple matter of vanity. It can be the difference between becoming a mother or remaining childless for life. Her fertility hangs directly on the excess amount of weight she carries.

The Main Cause of the Excess Weight.

Not every diet will work like magic for this particular syndrome as PCOS is based very much on Insulin Resistance; this is also be known as Metabolic Syndrome and Syndrome X. One of the signs of insulin resistance can be extra weight carried around the middle and upper parts of the body giving the person the apple shaped figure. This is caused by the body being unable to use insulin effectively and as insulin is needed to control the amount of sugar in the body it becomes a major factor in the ability to lose weight. Other problems which can arise from insulin resistance are high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, low levels of inflammation throughout the body and the probability of leaving the woman prone to Type 2 Diabetes. So as you can tell, carrying a lot of excess weight is really an extremely serious health factor for the lady with PCOS.

Suggestions For Losing the Weight.

There is not too much new out there on the market which can help these women lose their weight, there is no magic pill and no assured PCOS diet, so things can begin to look rather gloomy to the person desperately looking for answers to her problem. The very best thing these women can do and the facts that have been proved are to eat as natural a diet as possible; plenty of fresh vegetables, meat, fish and eggs. One word of advice here, go easy on the fruit as it is mostly high in fruit sugars and for someone with insulin resistance this can have a major effect. In addition try eating wholegrain breads and brown rice, if you really cannot handle brown rice then for your body's sake grow to enjoy Basmati rice. By following this way of eating the weight will gradually begin to move, it will not be fast but it will come down.

The Importance of Exercise with PCOS.

Understandably the lady with PCOS frequently abhors the idea of exercising. The idea of frequenting a gym or joining some keep fit class is not only embarrassing but extremely uncomfortable due to the excess weight she is probably carrying. This fear of exercise must be overcome if there is going to be any long term success with handling this problem. It is the combination of a natural diet and regular amounts of exercise that will bring the results desired. The easiest and possibly some of the best ways to exercise are by taking thirty minute walks per day and doing a mini workout with the help of kettlebells. If you can't manage thirty minutes to begin with then break it down into ten minute slots. With the kettlebells there are two exercises which if done regularly will assuredly move that excess weight. Another advantage of using kettlebells is that they can be used in the privacy of your home which means absolutely no one need see what you are doing. This in itself can be a major factor in whether a person will succeed with any exercise program. Just begin your new lifestyle and little by little you will see a new you begin to emerge, how exciting is that!

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