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How Not To Be A Fat Loss Idiot

8/17 15:01:24

How Not to Be A Fat Loss Idiot

So what is a fat loss idiot? Someone who just has to do everything the hard way! All they seem to do is work their body and not their mind and they get awful results to show for it. I am going to show you how not to be a fat loss idiot and how to get the results you really want; the ones you should expect when you put both your body and mind into it!

First of all, stop counting calories. Calorie counting is no replacement for simply eating healthy. To eat healthy you just have to choose foods that are unprocessed and nutrient rich. You will want to cover a whole range of different meals. Make sure you get atleast one serving of meat and green, leafy vegetables daily. There is no reason to be afraid of fat; fat gets broken down into energy in a slow release pattern. This means that eating fat will give you energy that lasts for hours, the complete opposite of sugar!

Meal timing is key. You should take breaks between meals where you eat absolutely nothing. this gives your digestive tract a chance to recuperate to full strength before every meal. Your stomach does need some time off and so does your insulin sensitivity. Taking breaks like this will really make your metabolism pick up. Do not snack. Snacking will literally ruin this. It is perfectly fine to drink water but nothing else.

To get the most out of your workouts, aim for intensity! The more intense your workout, the more of a reaction you will get from your metabolism. You are not chasing down calories; you are firing up your calorie burning machine! This applies to both your cardio and your strength training. The good news is that when you train intensely, you do not have to do it for long. No more than half an hour for intense cardio and no more than an hour for muscle building. Going for much longer then that will make your body start burning muscle and put your metabolism into a state of "shock".

Do these things and you will be a fat loss genius. Or, if you like, ignore me and be a fat loss idiot. Either way time will keep on ticking and you will get what you truly want! Six pack abs or a bloated beer belly? It is all up to you and your plan!

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