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Does Low Carb Improve Your Health

8/17 15:00:53

Does Low Carb Improve Your Health

There is a question some have on their mind and this question is... does a low carb diet improve your health? Consequently, when it comes to a low carb diet it would be good to know if this type of diet is good for your health. The same as when we seek professional advice from a health professional before going on a diet, we should do the research before we attempt a diet program. This article will hopefully answer your questions about this low carbohydrate phenomena.

Does Increasing Protein Make You Healthy?

To find the answer to this question of protein and health we must first look at the way that the doctors have always told us to eat which is to watch our fats. In other words, to eat a low-fat diet and we will be healthy. Clearly then, a low fat diet sounds simple enough though during my research of this subject I could not find where a low fat diet was ever proven to make someone healthier.

I did however find research on a reduction in carbohydrates and an increase of protein in one's diet caused an alteration in fatty acid composition along with less inflammation. And this according to a study done in 2007 in the issue of Scientific Journal. The same authors did a new article on the subject and the findings were better than the 2007 issue of the magazine.

Low Fat vs Low Carb

To prove their point the two authors of Scientific Journal had two groups of participants, in one group there were low fat dieters and in the other group these were low carbohydrate dieters. The low fat group were given a calorie replacement of 1478 with a ratio of fat 24/protein 20/ carb 56. The low carb group was given a caloric ratio of 1504 with the fat 59/protein 28/ carb 12.

Following this further, these researchers found that there was two-third less saturated fat, meaning that there was still less inflammation of the fatty acid composition. In addition, the claim would be that people with arthritis, cardiovascular disease and inflammatory bowel may not have to worry that this diet will harm them or worsen their illness.

Will Your Health Depend On What Type of Carbs You are Leaving Out of Your Diet?

When doing research you want to be certain that you know which carbs the research is speaking of, for instance, is the study on refined and processed carbs or whole grain and complex carbs. Because the refined of course is not good for long-term use. However, there is another way to not cut out complex carbs which are good for you. You can try to reach a balance between fat, carbohydrates and proteins.

In order to achieve this balance between fat, carbs and proteins you can moderate your carbs and check your body against the scale. This way you can check to see exactly how many carbs it takes before your body shows a reaction. In other words, for two weeks you will set a percentage of carbs and see how your body reacts. When you get on the scale if you have not gained then your body can with stand that amount. If not than you will have to decrease until you find the balance. Also, no matter how many carbs you eat be certain you stay within your caloric range.

So it all boils down to will the diet program we choose help our bodies in the long run and is this something that we can do for the rest of our lives because most important is that once we lose the weight we do not want to put the pounds on again.

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