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Kirstie Alley Weight Loss

8/17 15:00:50

Kirstie Alley Weight Loss

If I had a nickel for every fat celebrity that comes up with their own diet regime, I’d be a rich man. Instead a constant stream of once bloated celebs, gets rich off the misplaced adulation of us ‘simple folk’,  who think celebrities somehow have the answer to weight loss. My advice to anyone considering a celebrity weight loss plan would be to think again! There has been a lot of speculation recently over Kirstie Alley’s weight loss, as she’s lost 100 pounds and nobody knows where it went.

Of course, Kirstie Alley has her own weight loss program which like every other celebrity weight loss regime tries to convince us that it is ‘the method that works’, uses only natural supplements and is easy to have success with. Kirstie Alley claims that the 100 pounds she lost is down to appearing on the TV show ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and her own diet program which consists of following an organic diet. Whether this is true or not is besides the point. My question is why does dieting have to be made so complex and mysterious when all it really boils down to is following some simple rules and making sure that you burn more calories than you eat.

I am a man of the world so I know why celebrity diets need to over complicate things – money! Dieting doesn’t need to be complicated. Kirstie Alley, whose weight has fluctuated for years, is the last person anyone should be listening to! Most people fail at diets because they fail to make a permanent change in their lifestyle. Permanent weight loss involves changing your diet for good and taking regular physical exercise for good. There is no point spending $100’s if not $1000’s on a diet program then going back to your old ways once you have reached your target weight.

Healthy eating to lose weight need not be boring and as restrictive as some dieting programs would have us believe. Keep it simple by eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat and fish and cutting down on foods high in carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes and pasta. Using a little imagination and perhaps doing some research online, you will be able to come up with loads of tasty meal ideas. You don’t have to look to a celebrity or anybody else for that matter, to tell you how to slim down. It seems crazy to me that people part with their hard earned dollars for instructions on what to eat when all it takes is a little bit of thought and effort on your part. You instinctively know what is good for you and what will make you fat. Maybe you should start trusting those instincts.

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