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Transform Fat To Muscle

8/17 15:00:01

Transform Fat to Muscle

I am pretty sure that we have all heard the words that you are able to transform your body fat to muscle tissue. And frankly I do believe that some of you still think this is something that is possible!

But let’s set things straight. This is not possible and let me explain why this is so. Muscles are made from muscle stimulus and calorie surplus while fat goes away when we burn off more calories than we eat. It is really as simple as that but it seems to be a myth that is still alive and well going.

However you are able to use your body fat to build up muscle, as you are with any sort of energy you consume. But the truth is that your fat will stay forever unless you burn it off and that is no matter how big your muscles are.

It is important to know that fat and muscles are connected in some ways, because you use energy to train your muscles and in terms of that you do burn off some of your body fat. But it is a fact that a fat loss happens when you eat less calories that you burn off during the day. And gaining muscle happens when you eat more calories that you burn, and of cause is training your muscles.

Therefore you do not transform your fat to muscles no matter how fancy you think it might sound, this a myth that some people tend to still believe. Now that myth should be killed so let’s have a look at how you are supposed to get rid of your extra fat.

This is really simple math but there are quite a few ways to accomplish this. The math is eating fewer calories that you burn off during the day obviously. That way you will slowly get rid of the body fat that your body possesses. There are precautions though, and some of it is to be sure to get the right vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function correctly.

I do recommend that you find yourself a proper training or fitness program that will help you on your way. This is both fun and gives you much better results. The diet is always important so you might as well start cleaning the closets for cakes, candy and other unhealthy stuff. Start researching the internet for the diets that fit your taste and then you are off losing weight and starting your brand new lifestyle.

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