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Top Weight Loss Apps

8/17 14:59:57

Top Weight Loss Apps

When it comes to losing weight there are two things that are of major importance in today's busy society. Convenience and accountability. Today we are always on the go and it helps to have a tool that can always be there with us to keep our goals on track. Below you will find my 4 picks for the top weight loss apps out there. These apps can help you with everything from counting calories and choosing healthy foods, to making sure you get your tush to the gym!

1. MyFitnessPal: This app is a great tool to use as a food journal and calorie counter. With a searchable database of over 3,248,000 foods and the ability to add your own foods and recipes this is a great tool. This app saves the foods you eat most often so that they can be conveniently added to your diary without having to search the database for them each time. Another cool feature that this app has is that you can customize your weight loss plan, just input your current weight, your goal weight and your activity level, then the number of calories that should be eaten daily to reach your goal is calculated. You can also add friends and join discussions and forums. Cost: Free

2. Lose It: This app helps you set goals for weight loss, exercise, nutrient intake, blood pressure, sleep and more. Here you can search the database to add your favorite restaurant foods, custom foods, or search by brands. You can also scan bar codes with your smart phone camera to add them to your daily diary. Again, this app allows you to customize your weight loss and fitness goals. Cost: Free

3. Fooducate: Use fooducate to make better choices while grocery shopping. Fooducate's scientific algorithms grade each product with a score of A to F. The grading system was developed by scientists, dietitians, and concerned parents. This is a great place to start to help you make healthier choices when shopping. Cost: Free, also offers a premium service with added features.

4. Gympact: This app is for those of us who need a little extra motivation to get moving. What if I told you that you can earn cash for meeting your fitness goals? Well that's what you get here. You decide how many days you want to work out per week, and how much money you are willing to give up if you miss a workout. You then "check in" for each workout and earn cash for that completed workout. If you miss a workout you lose that money. Say you set a goal to work out 3 times a week, and you were willing to give up $3.00 for each missed workout. If you only make it to the gym twice that week, your $3.00 goes into a pool and is then given to the members that made their goals for the week. Basically, the members that don't work out are paying the members that do. You can change your goals at any time and even schedule a break if you need to. Check-in at the gym, track outdoor workouts via RunKeeper, or workout at work or home with GymPact Anywhere (new!). Cost: Free

With so many apps available out there to help with your weight loss goals there really is no excuse anymore. These apps make it convenient to track what you are eating, to learn how to shop better, and now can even motivate you to get to the gym. So get out there, set your goals, and stick to them. Good luck!

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