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Natural Ways To Lose Weight - Part Two

8/17 14:59:53

Natural Ways to Lose Weight  -  Part Two

How often do you think about your weight? Do you look in the mirror every day and wish for a different reflection? It doesn't matter if you are male or female. The desire is the same! We all think if we were a little thinner we might be that much more desirable. Rarely is our motivation health related. It's just vanity. Am I right? That's how it was for Franz years ago. Then I discovered it was more about vibrant health. So I turned my focus to natural ways to lose weight, ones that would last a lifetime. No more weight gain for Franz ever again!

You see, until you get that the relationship between what you put in your mouth either has a positive or negative effect on your body, you will never be able to rid yourself of those nagging bad habits and poor food choices. You have to know that a burger, fries, and a soda at your favorite fast food chain contains some kind of laboratory pink slim that is not even meat, nutritionless potatoes cooked in the worst kind of fat, and a drink that contains numerous chemicals known to cause cancer. Now is that something that sounds good to eat? If you know these things then it doesn't!

Now I picked the worst possible meal out there to prove my point. But, that meal choice is made by millions each day and that is why our nation's obesity rate continues to rise. And until people get a clue, Franz will continue to write articles on this subject. If people will not do the research on their own then someone has to. You have to understand that if you want the reflection in the mirror to pleasing then you have to find natural ways to lose weight. You have to educate yourself on which foods are good for you and which are bad. You can't eat garbage, even a little bit of it, and expect to lose weight and keep it off permanently. And you have to get regular exercise. Your better health requires it!

So what does Franz consider to be natural ways to lose weight? They are not pills, powders, meal replacement bars, shakes, starving yourself, stomach stapling, hormone injections, etc. You have heard all the insane ways that are promoted for weight loss. I am sure I don't need to remind you! The natural ways to lose weight include proper diet and exercise - Duh! You have heard it before, and you are going to hear it again! I hope you may get it this time! Did you know that it takes hearing something an average of seven times, from different sources, to finally begin to believe it might be true?

Will you finally stop all the nonsense and put your health first? Instead of all the pills, powders, and potions, will you adopt natural ways to lose weight: ditch the processed foods, exercise for at least twenty minutes a day five days a week, stick to lean proteins, high fiber carbs, drink half your body weight in water, always have healthy snacks with you when you are not at home, practice portion control, and replace bad fats with good ones?

There is only one way to put natural ways to lose weight into practice. It's going to take a little reading on your part, but if you will follow this course: study reliable sources, educate yourself about healthy food choices, commit to moving your body every day, and to make better health a priority in your life, I can guarantee you will never have a battle of the bulge again!

Trust Franz! I want nothing but the best of health for you! Start making a small change today, even just reading a good book on healthy nutrition practices will be a great start!

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