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How To Lose Fat On Your Arms

8/17 14:58:57

How to Lose Fat on Your Arms

For some people, fat deposits build up in their upper arms. This is often one of the last places to store fat and one of the first places where you will lose it because your body does not like having fat stored on such a mobile appendage. Often times, arm fat is a sign that you have started to slip past the "spare tire" stage right into being down right overweight! Luckily, learning how to lose fat on your arms is as simple as learning how to build a little arm muscle(to make things more "tight") as well as learning how to lose fat anywhere. This is because like I said, it is one of the first places where you will notice a change when it comes to fat loss.

It is not hard to train your arms. There are four major areas that you should be focusing on: shoulders, triceps, biceps, and forearms.

Your shoulders should be trained with care. It is a ball and socket joint with a complex system of muscles on the inside and out that allow it to rotate and move in many different ways. Putting too much stress on these interior muscles(rotator cuff) can lead to serious injury. There are three angles you should be working your shoulders at. The first is the front that you can train using shoulder presses. The second is the sides that you can train with lateral fllyes. Finally is the rear shoulder that you do reverse fllyes for.

Your triceps are what straighten out your arm at the elbow joint. There are many exercises to focus on these. Some of the most popular would be tricep pushdowns, skull crushers, and tricep extensions. Mix things up once in a while for complete development of this muscle.

Biceps are what do the opposite and fold the arm at the elbow. Everyone knows about bicep curls but those only works part of the biceps. To work the rest, start doing reverse curls as well as hammer curls.

Forearms do a couple things. Basically they control your wrist movement and grip. To develop your forearms, you should be doing some wrist training. If you are already doing regular work on other areas, your grip should be developed to an acceptable level already. anyways, the best way to train your wrist is with an exercise called wrist roll-ups. If you do not have access to the equipment needed, the next best thing is simple wrist curls.

Weight loss should come secondary to your muscle training only because it is your arms. You can speed up your loss of fat by also training other body parts which will burn more calories on the spot and also increase your metabolism.

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