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How To Use Itworks Products

8/17 14:58:26

How to Use Itworks Products

Here is what I've chosen for my product review today.

Name: itworksproducts

Price: $99

Owners: Danna Phea

Overall Rank: 123,000,000

Explain how the products work.

The ultimate body applicator will tone, tighten, firm the neck down anywhere on your body just less than 45 minutes. You can wear it twice a day if you would like. Then you will get your results in seconds. you will be surprise what the wrap will do to your body. you will be amazed. what your wraps can do to your body. the wraps does everything for you.

Can I used the ultimate body applicator when I?

-take naps






The wraps can stay up to 72 hours without taking it off.

Your wraps can last between 3-6 months +1year

If you become a distributor your bonuses will be + your income

Ruby $500

Diamond $20,000

Double Diamond Bonus $30,000

Triple Diamond Bonus $50,000

Presidential Diamond Bonus $100,000

Ambassador Diamond Bonus $150,000

All of these bonus will be your monthly income.

To grab the monthly income grab 4 girls or gems to join with you on your team and get 120 worth of products that's your commission on your personal sale.

Join the loyal programs!

Commit to the 3 month program + auto shipment+ earn points

$50 membership / fee waived

NO minimum purchased (change your mind)

Earn fee shipping with 3rd auto shipments + wholesale for life!

percent discount With perks points

Earn $1 each points

6 auto shipments + gives you 50 points

12 auto shipments + gives you 150 perks points

Each items have all different meaning for them, which are

General Health:

Greens-Fruits + veggies Alkalinized + detoxify,

Profit-protein essential for general health as it is the building block to everything in the body.

Wraps-Applying nutrients to the skin Assists in the microcirculation and lypoysis.

Muliti vitamins-70+ingredients highly absorbed packed with antioxidants.

Weight Loss:

Fat Fighters-Absorbs 30% of fat and carbohydrates from meal and gently takes out of body . it helps balance glucose levels.

Thermo fit-Burns fat for energy increases metabolism. Suppresses appetite antioxidant

Greens-Alkalinizing is essential foe weight loss as an acidic body can contribute to weight gain and hinder weight loss.

Profit-Essential for weight loss burns more calories while digesting encourage body to fat instead of muscles

Wraps-Tighten, Tones + firms losses skin as weight loss occurs.

Body Contouring:

Wraps-Tighten , Tones, Firms assist the body with lipolysis, Assists the body With localized dexociation.

Defining Gel- Some ingredients as today applicator, In a less concentrating use as daily moisturizer on worried spots.

Spots performance

New You-stimulates Hc-H increase endurance aids in building lean muscles

Come and join me and my team for future products!

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