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Quick Fix Approach

8/17 14:58:19

Quick Fix Approach

The quick fix approach

I remember when we got our first microwave. My parents splurged and bought one for Christmas. As a kid, I can remember thinking why would anyone want a microwave. What does it do? My mom always reheated food in the oven or on the stove top. I couldn’t imagine what this big box was going to do. And, it took up quite a bit of room. However, it didn’t take us long to understand the magic of the microwave.

But, the modern miracle of technology had us all in awe. In just seconds, cold food could be warmed. It was amazing. It also had a neat trick of popping popcorn. Forget the old time popper that only popped kernels and you had to add your own flavoring. This was cool! Now, microwaves are a common appliance. Everyone has one.

I think the microwave started the generation of instant gratification. The microwave made space age of The Jetsons seem like the future was in our hands. However, we got spoiled as a nation. We figured if we could shortcut food preparation, there must be many other ways to find shortcuts to get instant gratification.

Nowadays, people are still looking for a quick fix. Especially, when it comes to dieting people want a quick fix to a flat belly. They want to take years of neglect and abuse and magically make it all go away with a pill or a simple magic solution. Just like the miracle of the microwave.

The truth is, nothing works like good old-fashioned principles. Getting rid of belly fat or obtaining a flat belly is not something you can make happen instantaneously. If anyone tells you that, they are making a fat profit off of their product. You have to change your diet and exercise. Most of us have the basic fundamentals of eating better and exercise. But, common sense is not always common practice.

Healthy eating includes drinking water, eating more fruits and vegetables, and eliminating sugar. You need to exercise a minimum of three times a week. And this means getting your heart rate up. It can be as simple as walking. Get your shoes on and get out the door. To target specific areas of your body, you can do strength training or specific stomach exercises to achieve a flat belly. Our body has all kinds of muscles. If you don’t believe me, do a new activity and see how you feel the next day. You’ll be saying, “Wow! I didn’t even know I had those muscles.”

The bottom line is, you can’t “microwave” yourself out a situation that probably took you years to get into. But what you can do, is start changing. You can change your habits little by little. Start with more if you want to see results faster. Just remember, there is no microwave when it comes to a healthy body and a flat belly that looks and feels its very best. That only comes from investing time and health into it. You have to make the decision that you want different results. And, you’ll get those different results you’ve always wanted when you start using “different” behaviors. That is when the flat belly will arrive!

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