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Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight?

8/17 14:58:11

Why is it so Hard to Lose Weight?

People always ask me "why is it so hard to lose weight?" I can not really relate to these people. For me losing weight was never hard. Roofing houses is hard. Boxing matches are hard. Losing weight is just tedious. Tedious things can be hard or easy depending on your personality. If you are not the confident type who can just sit back and watch your belly disappear, you will think that it is hard. If you are not the obsessive, micro managing type, you will set it and forget it as you get on with your life. If your plan fails, it fails. Go back to the drawing board and learn from your mistakes.

How hard is it really to exercise once or twice a day and eat right? Have you not achieved many things that are many times more difficult and stressful? Why is it that you get so hung up on such a minor commitment to get something that you want? Here is a tip- something is only as big of a deal as you make it. When you do not want to go for your run because it is raining outside think about a little Ethiopian boy who dodges death and plods miles through barren terrain just to collect some water. If you do not want to eat right think about an olympic athlete who has to eat perfectly with every single meal and train perfectly with every single session and compete with a perfect performance consistently just to move forward with their goals.

Maybe you just do not want it enough. It is not like you are lacking any basic necessity for life or walking a path to self gratification in the form of an ever elusive medal. You are just one person with just one small goal- to remake your body into something that you can be proud of. Pride is not something that you can take or give. Pride is something you develop by struggling long and hard for what you really want. Pride is also the one thing that no one and nothing can take away from you. If you think that losing weight is too hard, you think that pride is too hard. I simply can not relate.

Learning pride is the best gift you can give yourself. Take action with your diet and exercise program enthusiastically and consistently and you will feel the heat and glow of pride welling up in your chest as apposed to heartburn and chest pains.

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