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How To Lose Pregnancy Weight

8/17 14:58:04

How To Lose Pregnancy Weight

Drop The Pounds After Pregnancy

So, you've had your baby and he/she is healthy and all you expected, plus more. With the addition of a new child you now have an unaccountable number of things to take care of and worry about.

The baby is obviously number 1, but what about you? You won't be doing anybody any favors by neglecting your health.

Yes, it's important to fit in some sort of weight loss plan into the million other things you are responsible for. Two points to keep in mind. First, if you were at a healthy weight before your pregnancy and only gained the recommended weight during pregnancy, then you will probably be able to get back to your healthy weight within months. However, if your were overweight or gained too much weight during your pregnancy, then it could take up to a year to get back to a normal, healthy weight.

Either way, here are some tips to help you on your way to becoming a healthier mom.

Lose Weight Fast- Not

Don't be impressed by the latest celebrity mom who almost immediately lost her extra pounds. It had to be with pills or an extremely strict diet. Most important point to take away is that this is not good for you or your baby. It can be very dangerous as well. Post pregnancy you need to try to relax and slowly lose the extra weight. It took at least nine months to put it on, it could take just as long to lose it.

Healthy Lifestyle

No diets. You have enough going on as a new mother already. Try to figure out a healthy eating plan that you will be able to stick with. Remember to stay around 1,800 or 1,900 calories, especially if breastfeeding.

Fill up with the super foods. Antioxidants, Omega-3's, and protein. You and your child need plenty of nutrients to grow and develop. Don't skip the dairy, you need calcium for strong bones. An added bonus is that protein rich foods fill you up for longer.

There is some dispute over whether breastfeeding helps with losing the extra pounds, but there is no dispute about how great it is for your baby. It builds a strong immune system and has many other health benefits. If you breastfeed you can also add approximately 300 calories to your diet.

Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. The amount of water a person needs everyday is in dispute as well. One great way to figure out if you are getting properly hydrated is to check out your urine. It should be almost clear or a pale yellow.

Exercise. Keep yourself moving as much as possible and try to figure out a strength training program. Maintaining strong muscles and bones is vital for new mothers. Exercise is not just about toning muscles and losing weight, it's very helpful with reducing the symptoms of depression, stress and can help with sleep.

Get sleep. O.K., you can stop laughing now. Yes, it is very difficult to achieve this one, but you need to try to get as much as possible. If you are constantly tired you will eat unhealthy and not take very good care of yourself. Take naps when possible and enlist some help; you need sleep to be on top of your game.

If you need help, get it! Most cities and towns have all sorts of programs to help new mothers. You should take advantage of all help and resources. A healthier you is a healthier baby.

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