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Daily Calorie Intake – How Many Calories Are Right For You?

8/17 14:58:01

Daily Calorie Intake – How Many Calories Are Right for You?

Ya, Franz here again! “How many calories should I eat?” This is a big question that many people put too much focus on. They put the value of achieving measurable weight loss on daily calorie intake instead of focusing on quality meals eaten throughout the day. It’s not quantity so much as quality. Can you eat 1500-2000 calories a day, and loose weight? Absolutely! If you know what type of metabolism you have, and you eat five to six healthy meals designed around your body’s needs, mix in some daily activity, you will align with your body’s natural weight, and it’s a weight that you will be pleased with!

Do you like to skip breakfast in the morning? Are you not hungry till mid day? Do you eat most of your calories in the evening thinking that if you don’t exceed your ideal daily quota that you’ll be okay? These are questions that plague most adults. Just type in daily calorie intake in Google and you can see that it is something people obsess about. So how do you know how many calories are right for you? That can be complicated to figure out. You can track your calorie consumption for everything you eat throughout the day. You can measure and weigh your food, journal what kinds of food you are eating, track your daily activity level, and weigh yourself weekly to see how your body has reacted to your plan. This can create an obsession over counting calories.

The other thing to consider in your daily calorie intake is what are you eating? One ounce of almonds has a much different metabolic reaction than an equivalent caloric amount of candy. They can have the same caloric value, but once metabolized have a completely different reaction. I would recommend that we only use a calculation of your daily calorie intake as a means to get your optimal eating habits off to a good start. A daily total caloric number should be used to determine what foods you are going to have in each meal. And yes, planning is the secret to permanent weight loss and better health. Once you spend some time figuring it out you will know how to eat healthfully for life, and you will never have to count calories again!

Let’s take an example of daily calorie intake and how it would look for a particular weight and activity level. Lets say you weigh 150 pounds and are moderately active three or more times a week. Let’s say you go out and walk 3 miles a day for your chosen fitness activity, and you do some indoor stretching and body weight routines as well. How many calories a day would be appropriate? Well for this example, to maintain a healthy weight, you would eat approximately 2100 calories a day. To lose a pound or two a week you would eat approximately 1600 calories a day. And remember, it takes 3500 calories burned to lose a pound of fat. In this example 500 calories cut a day, over seven days, equals 3500 calories. Voila! You have a plan. It’s easy to do and you’ll never be hungry. But what should I eat, and when should I eat it you ask?

That’s a little more information than I can share here in this limited space on Street Articles. The meal plan for everyone, even two people who are the same weight, will vary. It depends on your body type. Are you a protein person, a carbohydrate person, or a mixture of the two? I can help you there! I have more helpful information on my blog site if you would like to investigate this further. It’s all free because Franz wants to see you enjoying optimal health as well as be free of disease!

As always, I wish you vibrant health, many blessings, and a long life!

Ya, zis is Franz signing off!

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