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Is Targeted Weight Loss Possible?

8/17 14:57:33

Is Targeted Weight Loss Possible?

People often wish they could lose more weight in certain areas of their body, thus they may want to concentrate on burning belly fat.

With that objective in mind, they experiment with various advertised gadgets that are supposed to get rid of unwanted fat in one area of your body.

However, the way your body works is that you normally lose weight in any part of your body where you have excess fat, and this happens all over your body at once. Thus the very targeted weight loss is not very likely.

But there are ways to improve on your diet. You do this by starting an exercise program designed for your level of physical conditioning.

Assuming you are physically able to exercise safely, aerobic exercise is a great way to enhance the weight loss from your diet.

The aerobic exercise routine will begin with a warm up period as you begin to increase your heart rate to the desired level. All your muscles will benefit from this physical activity.

As your aerobics routine continues, you are causing your body to burn unwanted fat at a greater rate than you normally would by dieting alone. Not only is the exercise burning more calories, but you are actually increasing your metabolic rate.

This higher metabolic rate will continue long after the aerobics routine ends. Thus you have an extended period of accelerated fat burning in your body. This is a great fat burning bonus that really speeds up your weight loss.

While you are doing your aerobic exercise, your body is working hard to maintain other body functions at their normal rate, thus also increasing the calories burned in the exercise routine.

When your body is in constant motion, your heart is working hard to pump enough blood to provide oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. The harder you exercise the more blood and oxygen your muscles require.

However, you do reach a point of diminishing returns where more stress on your muscles does not produce added fat burning. It’s wise not to over-stress your system.

Of course your heart and lungs are both working at an accelerated rate, bringing you the desired aerobic function.

With all these body function working together, you will get the full benefits of the fat burning you are striving for.

A side benefit will be that you have a stronger, fit body, which will enhance your well being and will allow you to look your best.

The benefits of your aerobic exercise program will come quickly, as the greater demands you place on your muscles causes you to burn fat fast.

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