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Diet Soda Makes You Fat

8/17 14:57:25

Diet Soda Makes You Fat

Have you ever noticed that all fat people drink soda? Well, may not all, but certainly most overweight people do. Coincidence? Or cause and effect?

Diet Soda Makes You Fat

New studies show that those who drink the misnamed "diet" sodas are visibly larger than those who do not. Their waists are thicker and they also suffer the metabolic consequence of higher blood sugar and rates of rype 2 diabetes. How can that be? They have zero calories, right? What's going on?

It all starts in your brain. Diet sodas are usually made with the artificial sweetener aspartame, known by the brand name NutraSweet. It is a powerful neurotoxin. While it works on your neurons to make your tongue think you are tasting something sweet, it also "excites" your brain cells to crave carbohydrate.

How Diet Soda Makes You Fat

Unlike plant-based sweeteners like cane sugar, honey or corn syrup, asparatame does not satisfy appetite or make you feel "full." Instead, it creates cravings for refined cabohydrates like cookies and salty snacks like potato chips. These food are not particularly filling either as are protein and natural fats. And they are highly salted, leading to drinking yet another diet soda and a new round of carbohydrate cravings.

So what are these studies that show diet soda drinkers look larger over time? The University of Texas School of Medicine followed 471 people for a decade, carefully measuring their height, weight, waist size and diet soda intake. They discovered that the diet soda drinkers, on average, expanded 70% more around the middle than the control group who drank no soda. And those who drank two or more diet sodas a day became 500% chunkier!

This is especially disturbing to health professionals because abominal fat is highly correlated with many health conditions, particularly heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Let's Measure How Diet Soda Makes You Fat

What does this mean for your figure in actual numbers? Let's say your waist is now 30 inches. In ten years you might be 31 inches, still slim. But remember the diet soda drinkers added 70% more around the middle which is 1.7 inches or almost a new waist of 32. And the heavy diet soda drinkers added 500% more - that's five inches! From 30 inches to 35 inches is a high price to pay for mainlining Diet Coke!

Will Drinking Water Instead of Diet Soda Makes Me Thin?

The answer is yes! Especially if you drink a lot of soda. Switching to water or unsweetened iced tea will hydrate you better, allow your taste buds and brain function to normalize and reduce your cravings for the kinds of foods that are adding extra weight now.

Take my challenge - give up soda for a week and then get on the scale!

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