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The Modern Day Look Is Thin

8/17 14:57:17

The Modern Day Look Is Thin

If the modern day look is thin, then why are there more than 72 million adults overweight and considered to be obese with an estimated annual medical cost of $147 billion to treat problems caused by this disease. source CDC. It seems like we are always in a hurry to get nowhere and we don't ever have the time to go to the market and purchase the healthy foods we really need, so we stop at some fast food restaurant and eat some of the worse things possible for us both weight and health wise.

If you are obese as a child your obsesity will most likely be more severe as you become an adult. Being overweight is a major contributor to many health problems such as heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, muscle and joint problems along with a variety of other health issues. Obesity has become a major epidemic the US and the cost for treatment is becoming insurmountable. Not only does obesity cause health problems that are very difficult to treat but when a child is overweight there are other issues involved such as loss of self esteem, being made fun of at school and no one wants to be a friend to them. They have a hard time fitting in and being involved in sport events at school, clothes are not a proper fit and many other issues to numerous to mention.

What are the options for a healthy life style, two most common ones are to eat right and be physically active, There are a number of weight loss plans on the market, with some costing upwards of $300.00 plus per month and still others from $400.00-$500.00 per month and some costing thousands of dollars, these cost are not affordable for most people. A lot of these diet plans are very hard to stick with and some weight may be lost and then put  back on plus extra pounds that we really don't need.

Then there are gym memberships which can average $20.00 to $150.00 per month and more depending on their local. There's home exercise equipment both expensive and some priced right that will work as advertised, most any gym membership or home exercise  programs will work but you must first decide to work them and stick with them or you are most likely to fail. I have researched a number of different weight loss systems and some of these programs may or may not work. Should you find the right program for your situation it will need to have the right tools required to help you on your journey. One program that I have found has a step by step guide, that lays out the proper foods needed for meal preparation. There is a complete menu for the week so there's  no concerned about what food items are needed from the market. This program has a modest price and a 100 percent guarantee so there's absolutly nothing to lose.

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