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Heavens Food: Losing Weight Has Never Been This Delicious!

8/17 14:57:00

Heaven\'s Food: Losing Weight Has Never Been This Delicious!

Everyone is looking for the best diet to lose weight, and to eat tasty food at the same time. Let's face it. The words delicious and losing weight are rarely associated. Our reality being what it is, we live in a fast world and a fast society, where we want things yesterday. Instant gratification. Now that may sound pretty harsh, negative, and even mean. Not that I advocate such lifestyles necessarily, but being that that's the way things are let's see what we can do about it.

The same goes for losing weight. We want to shed those pounds without having to do a thing about it. I want to continue eating the way I do, having a good appetite, while looking lean, mean, and good looking. Yes, we love to nosh, the junk food, the tasty stuff, and truly truly, don't want to give it up. Well, you don't have to.

Okay, so here's the secret. I don't personally believe in fad “diets”, but rather in lifestyles and healthy eating habits.

I was never actually fat as in a huge blimp or anything, but have since I was a child, and then later into my teens and adulthood, struggled with being overweight, with my self image, wanting to look good and to be healthy. The first diet I tried was the Scarsdale Diet if that says anything to any of you.

I eventually discovered that actual formal diets were not for me personally. I am not knocking any approach or system, and as a matter of fact, they all pretty much work. Diet and lifestyle are personal things that need to be discovered by experience on your own, and in my case I believe that they are ever changing and depend on where you are at this moment, and what your particular health and fitness goals are. There are times to be Vegan, Vegetarian, Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore, Lactose free, Lacto / Ovo, High protein, high carb, to use the Atkins diet, the Warrior diet, the South Park diet ;-), and whatever else rocks your boat or works for you.

So considering that, let's talk about the best stuff from day to day. There are two sure fire methods that I have used both individually and in combination in order to maintain ideal weight constantly.

One, the Blood Type Diet. Forget about whether the science behind it is sound or makes sense, and no, let's NOT argue about it. IT WORKS!!! And the other one, Food Combining. Ie not mixing proteins with starches and carbohydrates and certain fruits vegetables and fats and their specific combinations at certain meals. Again, we won't discuss it. IT ALSO WORKS!!! Either one their own, or even BOTH TOGETHER.

The specific site I use from day to day for the Blood Type diet is the one from Dr. Ddamo from the founder of the blood type diet, and now his son I believe. Great resource. Look it up under the name ddamo and blood type diet. The website is titled ddamo.

There are tons of resources out there for either approach. Just google it and you will get many practical hits that will help you get started. Try it. You will see fast results, and you can eat your fill without being hungry or counting calories.

Now it does not make a difference what type of diet and lifestyle you are following. Everyone likes chocolate and sweets or at least most people do. I at least do not recall ever meeting anyone yet who does not.

Chocolate has an amazing reputation since we love it so much, but because of its misuse in the food industry and then developing a reputation as a junk food, it has unfortunately gotten a bad rap.

I love having chocolate sweetened with Maltitol, a great natural, alternative sweetener that is not sugar and does not react like sugar in the body. Again, LOOK IT UP. I have some chocolate every day pretty much, I love it, and it's GREAT. Chocolate is a fantastic digestive, antioxidant, energizing (same as coffee, after all it also has caffeine eh?), antidepressant, prebiotic food, and yes if eaten correctly, will not only not make you gain weight, but will actually help you in losing weight. This in itself would be enough, but it can be taken to an even higher and better level.

There are many amazing chocolate products out there, that are gluten free, that use chocolate combined with other natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, and supplements in tried and true weight loss formulas.

Everyone is ranting and raving about them, and the results speak for themselves as pounds and kilograms are shed with the help of these tasty healthy delicious chocolate treats in no time.

Whatever approach you are using to diet you now also have a so called secret weapon that will help you get to your weight goals that much faster, and even if you are not dieting and feel great at whatever weight you are at, then grab some chocolate and enjoy just the same. You will only gain from the healthy benefits and have fun at the same time.

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