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How To Avoid Injuries During A Workout - 3 Basic Rules

8/17 14:56:28

How to Avoid Injuries During A Workout  -  3 Basic Rules

Injuries are one of the most common problems associated with sports. Every sportsman has had some sort of injuries. This topic is also very important to all who are working out regularly, e.x. trying to lose weight or just keeping their bodies fit. So the first and probably the most important question for all those people is: how to avoid injuries during a workout. Here I'm gonna describe the main things to consider if you don't want to end up lying in the hospital bed or being unable to walk or write.

Make a Good Stretch

A good stretch is one of the main factors to a workout success. I've personally had an injury (strained a thigh muscle) just because my body wasn't stretched enough before the run (I was running 60 m or so). After that accident, I always make a very good stretch before a workout to make sure that doesn't happen again. There are some rules to keep in mind when talking about stretching. Make sure your stretch is dynamic. That means you have to move and warm up your body so that your blood circulates more easily throughout your body. Do some jumping jacks, squats, bear hugs, high knees and other similar exercises. Also do some standing stretch to lengthen your muscles so that they are getting a better workout. (An article on stretching is coming soon) Stretch your all main muscles: thighs, hamstrings, shoulders, core, back, chest to make sure an injury never ruins your life again.

Good Footwear

Proper footwear will assure you that you suffer from very little to none ankle injuries. Good footwear keeps your ankles stable and supported making your jumps and other plyometrics easier to do. If you are wearing good shoes, you can workout more and do it with more intensity. If you are not feeling comfortable in your current shoes, don't hesitate and buy yourself new shoes. There is even a special category of shoes called workout shoes. You will benefit from this one time investment for all our remaining life.

Maintain Proper Form

Proper form is the key to fat loss and every other sporting success. Good form brings you the results you want and need. However, bad or incorrect form will greatly damage the move itself and you will be unable to reach any results. In addition to that, bad form is one of the most common reasons of injuries. Basically, good form means that you won't feel the pain after your workout in those areas where you shouldn't like hips, spine or knees. All you want to feel is the good muscle soreness after an intense workout. If you are doing a squat, make sure your knees are over your ankles, your back is straight, you are not rounding your back as you push your way down with you hips. If you are doing a lunge, also make sure that your knees are over your ankles and your back is straight. The further you put your back leg, the safer it is for your knee. Additional resistance makes the exercise more difficult and complicated, but keeping the proper form will make you sure that you won't fail and reach your ultimate goals.

Proper stretch before a workout, good footwear and great exercise form are the main 3 things you want to keep in mind if you want to avoid injuries for the rest of your life. I also have to say that without proper nutrition any exercise program is worthless even if you are already using the points above. Lose weight, lose big and lose it together!

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