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Weight Loss For Children Is Tough

8/17 14:56:23

Weight Loss for Children Is Tough

Weight Loss for Children is Important for Good Health

Weight loss for children is a huge issue these days. The United States has the fattest children in the world! Yet they are still children that desperately want to play fun kid games and fit in. Fat adults have lots of company. But fat children are still in the minority and get teased, are the last picked for teams in gym class and once the other kids start dating, they feel more left out than ever.

Why Weight Loss for Children Is Important

Extra weight is unhealthy for adults. And the earlier in life it starts accumulating, the more poor health is likely later in life. It's hard on the heart, the blood vessels, the joints - especially hips and knees - and is the major cause of Type 2 diabetes. This preventive disease leads to all kinds of awful complications, including blindness and kidney failure.

And just to get fat as a child and stay that way into adulthood means two of the unhealthiest habits possible - lack of exercise and poor eating habits. The typical active child who plays outside and eats mostly healthy food simply cannot possibly be fat. To become obese, the child and the parents are enabling unhealthy habits that will lead to sickness and disability later in life.

Weight Loss for Children is Possible

So what is possible for these fat kids? Is weight loss for children possible? You can't starve them or put them on crazy diets. Help your children the same way you help yourself with extra weight! You buy healthy foods, stay active and set the example you want your children to follow. Plan to help your child add one good habit at a time. Once the good habits are mastered, your child can learn to lose the bad habits, too.

Good Habits to Learn

Think like thin people. Teach your child affirmations like "I am great at sports" and "Fruit is my favorite food."

Eat slowly and chew food thoroughly.

Prepare plenty of healthy food so no one is hungry between meals.

Have your child walk short distances unless the weather is bad

Don't bring home "snack' foods. If your child is hungry, give him fruit or a sandwich.

Keep all soda out of the house, including the misnamed diet sodas which actually make everyone including children get fatter. Drink water instead.

Pack a school lunch with healthy food and snacks. Schools these days are full of dreadful food.

Help your child be as active as possible. Put him in charge of walking the dog or carrying in the groceries. Spending 50 extra calories per day is five pounds lost over a year.

Go on a no-TV diet. TV makes you fat, too!

Find out what your child wants besides snacks and treats and use a book, a game or an outing to reward him for every change in habits.

Be proud of child and of yourself, too! You're building a healthy life together. Soon you will both be writing articles on weight loss for children!

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