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Jogging To Lose Weight

8/17 14:55:43

Jogging to Lose Weight

Many people believe that jogging to lose weight alone is enough to get that 'beach body' but I have to disagree. About three years back I decided to trim down and took up running on a daily basis. There's no getting away from the fact that jogging to lose weight worked for me but when I combined it with other methods I really did get the results I was initially looking for.

Running is a great and healthy way to burn up calories and in turn lose weight. It's widely thought that on average a person running burns up about 100-125 calories a mile so it's well worth thinking about if you are looking to trim down.

But jogging to lose weight will only work if you start to include a healthier diet in your lifestyle to. You need to burn up more calories than you are eating otherwise you will not see an effective loss of weight.

When I started out I used to eat smaller amounts of food every meal. However this didn't mean I was eating less - I ate whenever I was hungry. I didn't once 'stuff myself' to the full point but I didn't crave food. I swapped the tasty white bread with the slightly cardboard tasting brown bread and I tried introducing a lot of fruit, vegetables and whole grains into my diet to.

You see, you will get very hungry if you take up running seriously ( I did! ). The exercise you put your body through will require some sort of fuel so don't hold back - just make sure it is the correct food.

Schedules work for both jogging to lose weight and diet control. I used a sort of 'journal' to keep track of things with meals and a proper schedule for my running. This schedule helped me avoid injury through doing to much to soon. I did have shin problems but that was mainly down to incorrect road running shoes.

One bit of advice I want to finish this article with is my own personal opinion but it did work for me. If there is a choice between jogging to lose weight inside and jogging to lose weight outside I would always take the latter. I found the outdoors much more challenging and effective than using the treadmill in the gym. It does depend on how rural your living arrangements are but If you can get outside - do it! Treadmills tend to be a little bit of a cheat in my book - mile for mile I lost much more weight challenging the local farm roads than the treadmill.

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