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Weight Loss Excuses

8/17 14:55:36

I'm too busy Let's see, here are some reasons I've heard and seen why people don't want to get started with their new healthier life. There's not enough time to do anything, my schedule is too busy, this great show is on tv and I don't want to miss it. Every time I start a work out plan something happens to interrupt it and I get off track. I was on a plan and then I went out to dinner and ruined it.

Stop wasting time If you wanted to come up with weight loss excuses you could go on and on. It is easy to think them up. Oh, and if you're working to think these excuses up you're spending some of that time you don't have. No wonder you don't have any time for weight loss and exercise. So let's go through some of those weight loss excuses and figure out what you need to do to avoid having to make excuses.

More weight loss excuses There's not enough time to do anything. As I mentioned before, if you're spending time making excuses for why you are not making an effort to lose weight you are spending time that you could be exercising or making some healthy meals and freezing them.

Plan ahead Here's a tip that could save a lot of people enough time to create some time for workouts. Planning ahead may not help everyone, but if you're preparing you're meals ahead of time and freezing them, that takes away the time that you would normally prepare those meals on other days. Also, make a big bowl of fruit that you can take servings from. Try to limit your food preparation to one day, package your meals, put them in the freezer, pull them out each day, heat 'em up and work out after.

Schedule your exercise time Here's the next one of the weight loss excuses on the top ten list, my schedule is too busy. Here's my answer to that. If your schedule is too busy, do you know what that means. You have a schedule and you should be able to schedule some time to work out. Good job you somehow managed to find some time in that space that you said your schedule was so busy, but coincidentally enough there was nothing on your schedule. It was just one of your weight loss excuses. You need to condition yourself to the fact that you need to stop making weight loss excuses and make an effort to start losing weight.

It's called technology, use it Here's one of the all time greats. I really wanted to start a program but there was this great show on tv and I really wanted to watch it. Buzzzzz. That is the sound of the buzzer on all those game shows when you give the wrong answer. Obviously, that is the wrong answer. Can you say technology. If it was not obvious enough that you should not be sitting down in front of the tv when you should be working out there are countless other solutions. There's this new thing called a DVR, Digital Video Recorder, that you can record that show that you must see, you can even push pause, go work out, come back and hit play and it starts right where you left. If you insist on not missing your shows, this option has another benefit. You have recorded the whole show by the time you get a decent workout in and you can fast forward right through those commercials You don't have to watch that part of the show and you've cut down on the time you spend viewing your favorite show. So, go work out some more since you freed up more time. For the people that haven't caught up with technology, you can always record your show on your VCR. Here's another suggestion. You can watch your show while you're working out. In my work out room I have 2 tvs. One is for my exercise video and one is for watching a movie. It helps me to take my mind off the workout when I start getting a little tired of it.

Portion control Here's another one of those weight loss excuses that have hurt me in the past, but the solution is mostly common sense. I was dieting and doing very well until we decided to go out for dinner one night and the diet was ruined. You know, you just have to exercise some self control at times and this is definitely one of them. You are doing well on a diet. Look at yourself when you're ordering. Look at the progress you've made. Ask the waiter what low fat or low cal options they have on their menu. Then, if you cannot resist your favorite non-diet meal, go ahead and order it. But, cut it in half or thirds and only eat one of those portions. Take the rest home and eat it for another meal.

People have weight loss excuses because losing weight is a hard thing. That's stating the obvious, but weight loss excuses are just that, excuses. You need to work hard on dieting to get through those weight loss excuses and achieve your goals. Push through all of those excuses and motivate yourself to lose weight.

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