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Take Vitamin D To Lose Weight Without Trying

8/17 14:55:32

Take Vitamin D to Lose Weight Without Trying

Researchers are always turning up new ways to lose weight without trying....and the latest is taking vitamin D. Vitamin D is not really a vitamin although it behaves like one in your body. It's a fat-soluble steroid that you body will make for you if you have enough exposure to sunlight when your skin is not protected by sunscreen.

Vitamin D is critical to good health. Just like basking in warm sunlight, vitamin D makes you feel, good, lifts depression and improves your immune system. Ever notice how most colds and flu attack us in those cold winter months? That's we're outside less or the sun is weak and less vitamin D forms in own bodies from natural sources.

That strong immune system is your body's line in the sand against auto-immune diseases, especially cancer. Cancers of all kinds occur much more often in cold climates and new research shows that vitamin D supplements are useful in treating breast and colon cancer.

Vitamin D Helps You Lose Weight Without Trying

What good news to find out that vitamin D helps you lose weight without trying! The British Medical Journal just reported a study done by researchers at the University of Tehran. Their surprising findings?

Dieting women supplemented with just 1000 international units of vitamin D lost, on average, five more pounds over 12 weeks than a control group of dieters who were given a placebo. The metabolic effects of vitamin D were real: the women who took vitamin D had improved cholesterol and other measures showing the supplements boosted their cardiovascular health. The authors concluded, “Evidence indicates that vitamin D deficiency contributes to CVD” meaning cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks and strokes.

Most exciting for those who want to lose weight is the direct link between vitamin D and weight loss. The study's authors noted a significantly larger decrease in "body fat mass" in the women who received vitamin D.

Will Vitamin D Help Me Lose Weight Without Trying?

Maybe! If you are deficient in vitamin D, almost certainly. Doctors today offer a blood test to measure your vitamin D level. Testing is highly recommended especially for older women as vitamin D is so helpful in absorbing calcium and maintaining bone mass as we age.

If your levels are low, the Vitamin D Council suggests 5,000 units daily. The most active form of the vitamin is called D3 and comes in soft gel capsules that are easy to swallow. And vitamin D is never toxic! Just don't take it with extra vitamin A, as overdoses of A can and do occur.

You can buy 5000 unit vitamin D capsules for less than a penny a day almost anywhere. What a small price to pay to improve your immune system, protect your cardiovascular system and even lose weight without trying!

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