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How To Lose Weight And Eat A Lot

8/17 14:54:23

How to lose weight and eat a lot

Maybe you have a phobic fear of obesity,so you afraid to eat. You ignore breakfast, first meal comes up around noon. Then again a long time nothing and on the evening you tried to catch up everything. The problem is that even if you eaten by a sub-optimal amount of energy in two major portions of food (lunch, dinner), your weight goes up.

Metabolism adjusts to the current situation. If you not eat for a long time and then suddenly comes a large portion of food, your body can not handle all food at once. Large portions of food bring large part of energy which can not be used, because this organism can not. But the body is set up so, that excess energy has saved in stocks . (Especially if several hours starvation is quite commonplace.) The only way the body can store energy is stored in fat reserves. And this is the way to obesity.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight, not make the same mistake for which others are bolded. Eat as often as possible, but only small portions of food

The optimal number is 3 larger meals and two or three smaller ones. No more. Because small quantities are not making you the feeling of satiety , so you could easily have lose control over how many actually eat. And you would ate too much.

It is Proven that the best is to eat main meals on the morning, noon and evening Next you could have to eat something small before noon (eg. fruit) and on the afternoon snack too ( no fruit, because of sugar, but vegetable salad, or white yogurth with little amount of honey, cottage cheese, or two little pieces of 75% dark chocolate) .Please do not underestimate this schedule for successful weight loss, is really key. I am not invented it , it is a proven method in which you will really lose weight. It works. Do not try to look elsewhere for a better solution. You will not find him.

Second thing : Do not be afraid to eat a second dinner. Between people is meaningless widespread myth that eating after 17:00 is bad. Eat so that you are still comfortably fed. The second evening, should be included about two to three hours before bedtime. If you go to sleep on the eleventh, is perfectly fine if you have at nine in the evening something small to eat. Avoid situations where there push on you to eat large portions - often unhealthy - food. On visit to restaurant and it is now commonplace. You do not let push yourself . You are Not obliged to eat , you're not a mobile container for food. (Actually ... I suppose you do not want to be.)

So conclusion is, if you want to lose weight, you need to eat less but more often

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