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How To Burn Fat Fast

8/17 14:54:01

How To Burn Fat Fast

Is it possible?

How to burn fat fast?! Even though I do not like titles of this type, especially because 99% of them are just marketing tricks and lies, in this article I will show you that it is possible. I will guide you step by step thru your diet and workout, and most importantly you will be wasting fat (10 pounds - 5 weeks) and not muscle as in great majority of diets. If you think that it is just 10 pounds, and it does not sound much to you, well you are wrong, because I am talking about 10 pounds of fat and that is a lot!

Count that 2.2 pounds of fat = 7500 cc cal. This means that we have to spend 7500 cal per week , or nearly 1100 cal a day. It sounds a lot, but with good training and the right diet I guarantee you, it is possible!

The best thing is that you will be able to do all my workouts at home! Sounds too good to be true, right? And no, you will not spend those five weak lying on bad in front of TV!

As good as Insanity??

Feel free to take this as an late Christmas gift, because such programs are usually QUITE CHARGED, P90X, Insanity, Six Pack Shortcuts all about 90 dollars and more... but after I saw so many unsuccessful weight loss attempts at the gym true the years, expensive gym memberships and weight loss programs I decided to give you this program for free.

Man and Women!

This program can work both for women and men. Also, this program is for beginners or experienced exercisers. It is also important to note that the fat loss depends on your current weight and body fat, so it is unrealistic to expect that someone within 220 pounds and 170 pounds will lose the same. It also depends on genetics, gender, job, lifestyle, etc... but i can guarantee you, you will lose fat!! Under the condition of course that you follow my meal and training plan!

Reduce your calorie intake, but little by little!

Since the muscle weighs more than fat , most people that want to lose some weight, mostly practice a diet with a minimum intake of calories , from 800-1200 cal , and they lose weight because they lose muscle at the same time ( mostly ) and fat ( to a lesser extent ). But that is not important to most of them, it is important that the scale shows less every day ( another great stupidity , daily weighing ) . And than after 30-45 days when they finish the diet, the weight comes back. And even though most know that principle, they can not resist the path of least resistance .

Please, remember once for all times : low-calorie diets are not the solution and never will be ! There are no shortcut to success!

Yes, you should reduce your calorie intake, but little by little and start with 15-20 % less than the required daily intake and not immediately by 50% or more!


Let's start with the diet because it is usually the biggest problem for most of us :

BMR ( how many calories you can burn every day doing nothing )

TDEE ( your total daily calorie consumption )

You need to know how many calories you need for daily functioning. It's amazing how many people have no idea what they TDEE is, nor how many calories a day to eat.. :)

On the internet you can find many calculators where you can calculate how many calories you burn daily .

You also need to know how many calories are in the food you eat.

When we get the BMR (the number of calories we burn doing nothing ) , we multiply it by the level of activity to get the final figure ( TDEE ) .

Now we know how many calories we burn each day. Now, since we have only five weeks, and our goal is to maintain muscle mass and melt the fat, we must use the most effective method for weight loss . Most do not know about this method , but it has been tried many times with great success. It is a zig-zag method of smaller and larger number of calories.

This means : the number that we get to TDEE , we will subtract 30 % . This figure will serve us to lower the calories that we eat three days in a row . Every fourth day we eat the number of calories that we get when we subtract 10 % of the number that we get to TDEE .


Male, 30 years old, 180 cm (5 feet or 10.86 inches), 100 kg (220 pounds) who exercises moderate 3x a week has TDEE 3315 cal. So for lower calorie days (3 days in a row ) he will eat 30 % less than this amount, approximately 2300 cal. For more calorie days ( every fourth day ) he will eat 10 % less than TDEE, a 3000 cc cal.

So three days he will eat 2300kal , and every fourth 3000 cal a day. This method of weight loss is not only very effective, but also much easier, because the person can every fourth day relax a bit and eat more.

Meal plan

Most people have problems with eating more than three meals a day . It is true that we live in very stressful times and we are working longer and longer, but it's all a matter of organization and nothing more . Most people are lazy and do not like anything that requires discipline and sacrifice.

You wonder why you get fat, but eat eat a little. Sound familiar ?

Menu for 7 days

Believe me there is no other way than to make a menu for 7 days. Put a note on your fridge so you exactly know what you will eat the next day, so you can prepare. Anything else just will not give results, do not be stubborn!

I recommend that you prepare all the food on virgin coconut oil , odorless and tasteless. It does not change the composition when its heated and it is rich in fiber .

Here you can see how would such food menu look like ( you can customize it yourself and it is important that you eat five meals every 3-4 hours ) .

Supplementation ( supplements )

Although most supplements are totally useless , a couple of them are essential when it comes to healthy weight loss .

Whey ( whey ) protein is the best-selling type of proteins . The reason is that it breaks down quickly and is therefore ideal as a post workout meal . There are a lot of brands , but as in most cases the price dictates quality . I advise not to save when you are shopping proteins.

Fish oil ( omega-3 ) is a necessary supplement not only in our case, but generally for daily functioning , exercising or not. Same as with the protein in most cases the price dictates quality. In case you do not have money you can get it from flaxseed oil .

As for multivitamins the same rules apply as in the previous two supplements .


Since we train at home we will need a couple of props that will help us to reach the desired goal.

  • foam roller
  • adjustable dumbbell set up to 15kg (33 pounds) x 2
  • stopwatch

Exercises for burning fat

You will exercise 5x a week . Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays we do strength training and Tuesdays and Thursdays fitness exercises. Each week we will raise the intensity so that the fifth week will be the hardest .

Strength training will always start with exercises for core ( trunk ) . After that we will do strength training principle density training ( as many series of exercises given by a certain time ). The training will end with my favorite exercise for fitness :) . We will have two different strength training which will alternate every workout .

Physical training will be a combination of fitness and exercise will work the principle of time intervals . Just like in the strength training we will have two different fitness training which will alternate every workout . And if you preempt , no training will last more than 45 minutes , more fitness and less , and can you do them at home, so spare me the classic excuse of the " no time " .

Ok now let's see how the program looks in theory and practice (videos).

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