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9 Ways To Lose Weight Without Diet

8/17 14:53:42

9 Ways to Lose Weight Without Diet

Suppose that periodically follow a diet you achieve your ideal weight, but old again soon overtake you and it - with amazing speed. Occasionally go to the gym, on every Monday starting any exercise, but the lack of quick results drop everything and again reaching for your favorite candy bar.

Then his promise: "I will eat three days, then I will give up everything." As a result, you suffer from constant changes in weight, guilt complexes and lack of humor.

If you realized it was time to change the situation, be prepared for a long process of change in the figure. It will be difficult, but we'll be rewarded!

Start by reviewing your diet. Here are some rules that will help you get the desired figure without harm to your health and mood.

Weight Loss Diets:

1. Mandatory before each meal (20-30 minutes) drink a glass of water. In addition to losing their sense of hunger, you will help your stomach with digestion. This is especially useful when doing morning. Water should be slightly warmed.

2. Do not skip breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you miss any meals you, without you, during the next will take a greater amount of food. If possible, try to eat at the same time.

3. Your food should be tasty and useful. If your favorite products do not comply with this rule, let one of them no more than 1/10 of the total amount of food you eat in a day.

4. Everyone knows that it is better to eat often, but a little. This does not mean that every 10 minutes you can eat a little chocolate. Always have on hand a fruit or vegetable.

5. If your life is unthinkable without the sweet, replace waffles and sweet with dried fruit and nuts.

6. It is recommended that your lunch includes soup or vegetable soup. Dinner should be light and in terms of quality and in terms of quantity. Nothing dough greasy and sweet. And if you plan to spend the night dancing or "counting sheep" do not eat after 19-20 hours.

7. Pay attention to the content of the products they use. Aim for low calorie and low carb.

8. Do not forget about exercise. Instead of watching TV eat something, take up with gymnastics. And the most basic exercises will be helpful. You would be regularly swimming or dance. If not possible, try every day to do small walks back from work go 1-2 stops away and do not use elevators.

9. Praise and Praise for meeting the rules. Pamper yourself not with another piece of cake, and a new nail polish, for example. Imagine that you are slender and beautiful ... and will be.

Clean your body with right foods, but don't forget to clean your home too.

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