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The First Step To Loosing Weight Off My Body

8/17 14:53:39

The First Step to Loosing Weight Off My Body

People will ask me "How many steps will it take to lose weight? Well, I will talk about the 4 steps I used to lose my weight in a healthy way.

I have had many people ask me, “What was your first step to loosing weight off your body” or “what is the first step to slimming down.” I tell them, it was to change my thinking about it. What I know now about the loosing of the unhealthy weight off my body, I learned over years. We must get our thinking right about it, if we really want it to happen.

I was a body builder and health club trainer in my teens. When I was 21years old I even help train Mr. America 1987, Don Smith. You can Google him to see his record. When he came to me he was 6'3'' tall and about 170 lbs. I worked with him his first six months of his successful career. He made it because of his will and goal to become Mr. Universe. I say that because of the training he needed for Mr. Universe put in shape so well, he became Mr., America in the process. He did come in third place for Mr. Universe not bad for a tall skinny kid. Check his achievements he won on his way to 3rd place for Mr. Universe. I share this with you so you will know to set your goal high enough to help you get into the health you need.

The need for people to lose weight has increase over the years, and there is many weight lost programs being offered to day. The hard part is to know and take that first step that all of us did to the loosing of the weight off our bodies.

Yes, loosing what has us bound and is keeping us from losing the weight. Like our mind, our will to start, commitment to make the life style change of what we eat and when to eat. Those of us who are over weight need to admit we needed to lose weight now.

As for me, I had to take one step at a time. My first step was to have a new understanding about the weight loss industry and the word diet. Why the people who have yo-yo dieted gained back more weight and after 10 tries are so heavy they just give up. I finally learn that we have a diet, and it is good or bad for us.

There is no such thing as going on a diet. That is like saying, I am going to become a person tomorrow. You are a person, and you are a good one or bad one or some where in between.

I am going to discuss the steps I took to gaining control of my weight problem and the truth about those who failed and maybe why.

Step one for me was to change my mind or a paradigm shift as they say now days. I knew something was wrong due to my many failed attempts to get the weight off my body. I had to make some changes in my thinking, so I could get control of my weight.

We must think of food as fuel for the body to keep us going. There are many beliefs on our belief window that needs to change before we can start on the plan to lose.

One thing I had to change was this, I thought it would cost too much to eat healthy, and that was wrong. I now spend less to eat healthy and like the food better now. I spent more to eat unhealthy and feel worse as well. Our way of thinking about things will hurt you or help you.

It is all in the research and management of my life now. I do sometimes eat foods that are kind bad for me. Eating at others homes or eating out on the road, but 98% of the time I am on track.

Step two for me was to research the matter. So, I read a lot about the subject, there is a lot of information all over about it. I talked to many people who seem healthy and those who were not.I researched what healthy people where eating and doing to have healthy bodies, I already knew the unhealthy ways.

After identifying the new information and new things about it, I evaluated it all and found what pertained to me. Just one thing I did was to start eating for my blood type and really helped my energy level. We all need to find what foods where good for us and for our blood type. Our age and blood type matters to what our bodies food/fuel needs are during our life time. I learned my body stops making some things it needs to stay healthy.

Step three I organized a plan that would get me started on my new life style of thinking, eating and with a goal of doing it each day for the rest of my life to get healthy. I put the plan together to meet my wants my needs and it is still working for me. I say it that way because others will say things to me that just would not meet my needs but their needs.

What made it work, I took one hour at a time, each day I made the changes that where need to change me into that healthy body I wanted. Because of the way I am a part of my plan was to change things little by little until I had a way of life of thinking and eating each day.

Lets face, anything we want to achieve in life will take courage and a big will to so. If losing weight was easy no one would have to do it. I say that because when we thought it was time to slim down we would just do it.

I really used 4 steps to a new life of eating. That was to the set the day to start the plan and follow it each day there after. When we get the mind right and the way to think about our life, we then can change those bad beliefs, we must take action and expedite the plan.

When we have the right beliefs about it, we are more than half way to our goal. We need to learn all we can about the way we should think about food.

The right food for us to eat and how many calories are right for us each day. I learned that if we don’t eat 1200 calories a day our body will eat our good healthy pounds and that is bad. So, be careful of those people who advise you to eat 1100 or less calories a day.

I hope this article has help in some small way and grows in a big success for anyone that needs good health. Now, get to loosing those pounds now, that has you bound.

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