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Weight Loss Tips For Losing Fat

8/17 14:52:54

Weight Loss Tips for Losing Fat

Ya, fat fighting Franz here! Ya, you want tips for losing fat made real simple? Ya, put down ze fork, drop ze donut, ditch ze Doritos, pick up ze pace, and I’m not talking ze picante sauce! Ah, if it was only that easy! Franz wants to talk about tips for losing fat in a healthy and realistic way. Let’s face it, obesity is out of control! And we have two things to thank for it: poor eating choices and inactivity! Pretty straight forward wouldn’t you agree?

I was in a few malls yesterday, with Hilga, looking for a few special items that only malls seem to carry. I am not a fan of shopping malls as they all reek of cheesy cologne (all the kiosks selling the stuff), and the food courts stink of fatty fried foods! Yesterday I observed so many over weight people! It was really an eye opener. As I said I don’t visit malls very much and so when you get so many people in one place you really get an idea of what is going on health wise with Americans. I wanted to hand out flyers on tips for losing fat but these folks probably were not interested!

As I past by the food court I noticed all the fast food items people were inhaling: the bigger the body, the poorer the food choice. It just sort of fit together: poor food choices equal an overweight person. If you can find one, watch what fit adults eat and copy their choices. I usually pack snacks when I am out and about as healthy food choices are hard to find in malls. I always carry a cooler in the truck as I live in warmer climates and grocery shopping requires a cooler to keep things frozen while running errands. But, with a cooler you can bring whatever healthy snack you want so when the hunger pangs strike you can avoid the fast food mall nightmare.

There are no easy and fast tips for losing fat! Weight comes on over time and it has to be lost that way. To lose fat you have to rethink what you have been doing and make a life change. If you are over weight than you got there by making poor food choices, and too many of them. Permanent weight loss requires adopting new healthy habits that will improve your health and well being. If you just stop eating, certainly you will lose weight, but the body will eventually sabotage you as it will get what it wants, and you will not be able to resist the urge to over eat.

Your body needs constant nourishment to keep blood sugar stable and all things working as they should. When this ceases bad things occur: water is shed from the body, the muscles are broken down for the needed glucose to keep the body functioning, metabolism slows, just to name a few. If you look at the scale you will see the number going down, but long term it will come back because you turned a 200 horsepower engine into half that. Muscle burns fat! If you starve yourself, or diet improperly, you will see temporary results but ultimately you will only be a smaller fatter version of yourself. The fat will still be there but the heavier muscle will be gone.

If you could see one pound of muscle compared to one pound of fat, the difference in size is shocking. In other words if you shed five pounds of muscle (horsepower) you won’t notice it as much as if you shed five pounds of fat! It takes up much more space inside your skin. If you crash diet, the muscle will be the target, and Franz does not want to see you do that! So, here are a few simple tips for losing fat, not muscle!

  1. Cut your calorie intake by 3,500 calories per week, that’s 500 per day. That’s pretty easy! Replace dense fat loaded calories with lean meats, fruits and vegetables. Remove 3,500 calories from your diet and that’s one pound of fat.
  2. Eat four to five meals a day: shoot for three to five hundred calories per meal, eaten every three hours or so. I like eating around 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, and 8pm.
  3. Each meal should be in the realm of forty percent protein, forty percent carbohydrates, and twenty percent healthy fats. Now this is just a ball park. Depending on your body type, these ranges will vary for an optimal weight loss program, but it’s a starting point. Ultimately how you feel after you eat determines what’s best.
  4. Exercise to burn another 3,500 calories per week. This must include both strength and cardio. This can be as simple as walking and doing pushups to start. Using your own body weight to start will assure you won’t hurt yourself.

These are just a few weight loss tips for losing fat that will get you started. Once you have seen some progress you can build on these to continue to meet your weight loss goals. Shoot for one to two pounds of weight loss a week and you will be on your way to losing fat, not muscle. This will assure healthy weight loss, and you will feel so much better about yourself! Ya, trust Franz, he has been zere too!

As always, I wish you vibrant health, many blessings, and a long life!

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