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What’s Your Motivation To Lose Weight?

8/17 14:52:41

What’s Your Motivation to Lose Weight?

I have heard all sorts of stories from all sorts of people all over the world about their reasoning behind why they wanted to lose weight and get healthy. There are as many reasons to lose weight as there are people being asked so I will tell you a few of their stories here to help get you motivated to lose the weight you want to lose. Everything from friends and family wanting you to be healthy and happy, or a doctor letting you know you’d feel so much better if you lost some weight and even the best reason of all just to feel better about whom you are as a person.

One of the most prevalent reasons I’ve heard about the motivation to lose weight is they want to be healthy for their family or children. Once you become a parent or a spouse you stop just living and doing things for yourself and have to come to the fact that you are living and doing things for others as well. Being healthy is the most important thing you can do for your family and children. They depend on you to be your best so that you can teach them how to be their best. Children learn from examples and if you are lazy and eat wrong the will learn to do the same thing, which is why obese children are on the rise in this country.

Another reason is doctor’s orders. You’re doctor might have told you that you have health issues due to being overweight including but not limited to things like Hypertension or High Blood pressure, Diabetes and many other things. You’re doctor could have told you that a family history of cancer or heart disease means that you should take preventative measures to ensure a long and healthy life. This reason is just as important as any other reason that might be listed here today. Just because you were told to do something by someone else doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be followed. You’re health is far more important than your ego to do as you please.

Another great motivation to lose weight is personal pride. Perhaps you have lost your confidence and cannot find joy or happiness in anything that you’re doing anymore. Losing weight means that you actually can find that confidence and happiness you’ve lost. Self confidence is something that everyone deserves to feel and if you can get that going by diet, exercise and just feeling good about what you are doing then that’s the best reason ever.

The human body is a machine and when it’s working correctly we do not have many of the issues that plague someone who is lazy and unmotivated. There are so many health issues that go along with being overweight from feeling tired all the time to just an overall feeling of sadness and depression. Everything you do is connected with how you feel inside and out. Your outside should always try to match how you feel or want to feel within. So by diet and exercise and being smart about weight loss you can do anything you set your mind to doing.

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