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The Amazing Link Between Raw Food And Weight Loss

8/17 14:52:39

Many people nowadays are starting to turn to raw food in order for them to lose weight. Raw food has long been known to be good for people and is known to keep people lean and healthy but can raw food actually be used as a tool for losing weight and becoming leaner?

Well after doing much research on the subject I have come across a lot of evidence that says raw food CAN be used for weight loss to great effect. Even the world renowned body builder and weight loss expert Tom Venuto has come to the conclusion that certain raw foods can be used to combat weight loss. I have also read the material of many prominent men in the industry and along with my own knowledge I have come to this conclusion.

The argument for such raw foods is that there are some raw foods that contain little to no calories. Now every process in the human body uses up calories and it is only the calories we consume on a daily basis that make up for those that we expend. I am sure you know that even if you spent a day loafing around or even a day in bed you would use up some calories. The amount of calories used just to keep you alive and maintain your body is known as your Basal Metabolic Rate.

Now since we know that all processes (even thinking, would you believe it?) use up some calories, it should be obvious that digesting foods uses up some calories as well. In fact, digesting food uses up a lot of calories. If we consume these foods that are known to contain little or no calories and if we consume these foods in their raw state, which will make it more difficult for the body to digest the food, we will use more calories to digest the food than the calories we will harvest from the food.

Just to give you an example. Say the food we ate contains 200 calories, yet the process to break down the food used up 250 calories; this would leave us with a caloric deficit of about 50 calories! I am sure you can already see the kind of potential that these certain raw food recipes have for you, when you consider that the main method for losing weight is to use up more calories than you consume. This is exactly what exercise is meant to do except you can do this while sleeping and you do not even have to do hungry.

Raw food is definitely the real deal and I encourage you to apply some raw food to your diet as it will do you much benefit.

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