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Are Deadlifts Good? Why Women And Men Should Deadlift

8/17 14:52:31

Are Deadlifts Good? Why Women And Men Should Deadlift

The Deadlifts I'm sure you've seen those beast of people in the corner of the gym with a ridiculous amount of weight on the a bar sitting on the floor and doing a simple movement of pulling up and then slamming the weight back on the floor , that's a deadlift. So are deadlifts good ? Well in my opinion its the best overall strength movement a woman or a man can do and let me explain why ?


There's a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to deadlifts for women . I hear it'll make me look blocky, it'll widen my waist , its dangerous, that's only for men . Well all these are myths my friends only one of these can see being true and that is if this lift is done improperly or using way more weight than you should yes it can be dangerous, but what exercise isn't dangerous if not done properly. I highly recommend if you are ready to perform the deadlift get assistance from your local in house personal trainer for proper form and a visual . Next No it wont make you look blocky that's false it wont widen your waist it'll strengthen it actually which is always good. The only cons that come with deadlifting is it is very taxing on the body with how many muscles are involved with the movement and ill get into that in a bit. You'll also fatigue very quickly which is why proper form and not using to high of a weight is very important


Like I said earlier in my opinion the deadlift rather it be conventional style, sumo style or straight leg style lift is the best overall strength builder for your body . Look at all the muscles involved in this lift starting at your Legs (hams,quads) , Hips (glutes), Abs, Forearms (grip strength) and back (lats,traps). So just right there you can see how beneficial the deadlift can be. With the core strength that deadlifts build it will help prevent injures when it comes to your upper body. The higher reps and sets you perform the more endurance you'll build as well as burn crazy amounts of fat. Here is something that will totally catch the eyes of women and that is the deadlift will lesson the negative affects that comes to bad posture with wearing heels. Ladies I know you like those heels this will build that better posture . Id think these are all very good benefits what do you think ?

So Are Deadlifts good ? YES they are for everyone and should be incorporated in your routine . I would do your research or ask a professional on the different styles of deadlifts and proper form . When done correctly hands down in my opinion is the best exercise out there and the reason its in the saying BENCH,SQUAT and DEADLIFT .


Success is earned by YOU. Build that mindset and GO GET IT !



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