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How Do I Get A Six Pack?

8/17 14:52:11

How Do I Get A Six Pack?

So, how do I get a six pack? I hop in my car, drive down to the liquor store(I live in Canada) and look through the beer until I find something I either like or put up with when it`s on sale. I spend some hard earned cash on this product, drive it home with me, get drunk and cry myself to sleep wondering why women are not obsessed with my body.

If you want abs, you can take the long way(with better results) or the short way. All abdominal muscles are is a wall that keeps your ribcage, pelvis, diaphragm, and entrails under control. They can twist you from side to side at the waist, pull your ribcage towards your pelvis, make you bend from side to side, and allow you to sing like a tuba. All it takes to reveal them is a simple loss of bodyfat. as previously stated, you can go straight into cutting bodyfat or you could take some time to build your abs up into something more impressive.

I will be talking about building up the muscles of the abdominal wall. They can be divided into four main components: the upper abs, the lower abs, the obliques, and the inner abs. You need to develop all four to build an impressive set of abs.

The upper abs are fairly straightforward to train. These are the muscles that respond to crunches. Try doing all sorts of variations of crunches. The important thing is to keep the difficulty high. Your body responds only when stressed so doing hundreds of easy reps is just a waste of your time.

The lower abs involve a lot of hanging work. Try working out on the roman chair and doing leg lifts, hanging v-sits, and knee tucks from a pullup bar. be sure that you are pulling your pelvis towards your ribcage when you do these otherwise you are only training your hip flexors.

The obliques control all the twisting and turning at the waist. These can be trained by performing different motions while standing, doing crunches, or hanging from a pull up bar. Just be sure to cover both the twisting motion and the bending at the side.

Finally, the inner abs are what puffs everything out and also what pulls it in. When you exhale from your stomach you are using your inner abs. To train these, simply do stomach vacuums. Use your inner abs to pull your abdominal wall into your gut and hold it there for time.

I hope this guide has been helpful to you. Also, no matter what you do, you will never get to see your abs without a proper diet plan and fat loss routine. Best of luck!

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