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Water & Weight Loss

8/17 14:51:47

Water & Weight Loss

There have been case studies, which have indicated that the addition of water can help you lose weight, and others which contradict those studies. I can search the internet all day and try to find information to prove or disprove the fact that water does help with weight loss. But I really don’t think it will do any of us any good. The truth is water is essential for our survival, and most of us don’t drink enough of it.

I can tell you from my own personal experience, during the weeks which I have increased my water intake, I have actually seen an increase in my weight loss. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I would like to think, that I, like many others following certain weight loss rules, are seeing results due to the natural drink we all take for granted.

When dieting, it is recommended that you take your weight, divide that number in half, and use that number as the corresponding number of fluid oz. you should drink per day (For example: a woman weighing 160 lbs. would need to drink 80oz of water per day.) If you think that’s a lot, the Food and Nutrition Board have actually set standards stating women should drink a minimum of 90 fl. oz. per day and men should drink at least 125 fl. oz. Much more than some would calculate based on their weight!

Our thoughts on water need to change. We have become so used to the sugary, flavored drinks so readily available to us, that water has become an option that most do not reach for. That option should become your first. Think of it as a life line in your day to day activities. Besides the added value in possibly helping you shed some pounds, it is a direct conduit to a healthy body.

Water aids in the digestion and absorption in everything that occurs in your body. After all, every organ and cell in your body consists of water.

• It helps regulate your body temperature

• It moisturizes the air in your lungs

• It protects and cushions your joints.

• It keeps you hydrated

• It keeps your skin healthy and working properly

• It helps get rid of toxins in your body

When your body is not getting enough water, it begins to shut down, or exhibits signs of fatigue, and does not function properly. Many caffeinated drinks, like soda, tea, coffee & energy drinks, actually dehydrate the body instead of help with added fluids needed during the day.

Dehydration is the most serious problem ,which can result from not getting enough water. There are many conditions, which can stem from dehydration, such as:

• Tiredness

• Migraines

• Constipation

• Muscle cramps

• Irregular blood pressure

• Kidney problems

• Dry skin

There are many ways you can increase your water consumption throughout the day.

• Have water with your meals

• Bring an ice cold water bottle with you on long car rides

• Keep a bottle of water at your desk

• Add no calorie, no sodium flavor drops/ flavor packets to water. (Mio, Crystal Light, etc)

• Bring water bottles with you to the gym. Drink before and after the workout.

• Drink Herbal tea

• 100% natural fruit juice contains a high percentage of water.

• Many fresh fruits, especially watermelon, which is 90% water, can be a good source of water.

A few points to remember: if you are exercising, increase your water intake, and the same hold true for those spending prolonged periods in hot weather. Sweating, perspiring and even light work out in the heat can cause your body to lose much needed fluids, which can lead to dehydration, so drink healthy, and drink up!

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