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Top 10 Ways To Loose Weight Fast

8/17 14:51:22

Top 10 Ways To Loose Weight Fast

It could be rather difficult to lose weight, I struggled most of my life to figure out a way to shed the fat and didn't really figure it out until a few years back. It's not that complicated and here are the top ten ways I found effective to lose weight.

1. Cut down on your food portions. This is the best way I could describe this, you should eat until you are "satisfied" not "full". This could be hard for many people. I my self went form a great cook in my mom, to way too much fast food, to a wife that is a great cook too. A great way to easily fix this is to drink 16 ounces of water before every meal, no exceptions. This will make you feel full and push the plate away.

2. Cut down on fast food as much as possible. It could be difficult for some that relay on the benefit or grabbing a quick bite say at lunch. If this is unavoidable (it's probably avoidable) make sure you get something healthier or even go with the small meal instead of large.

3. Avoid all carbonated drinks as much as you can. Yes, even "diet" drinks. Carbonated drinks contain sodium which causes your stomach to expand. The bigger your stomach the more food it wants so watch out for these drinks. Now I drink soda from time to time, it's okay in moderation.

4. Park your car on the farthest possible parking spot. Now this might be the most difficult task to follow but it really is the easiest. Being conscious of your goal to lose weight will help you keep on track. Doing this once a week won't really help but doing this daily will come a long way.

5. Say no to elevators. If you work in a single digit level just take the stairs. You won't get all sweaty but you will burn some calories. If you work in a very tall building then take the elevator to 10 floors under your floor and take to stairs.

6. Snack on "healthy" food as much as you want. A good option here are baby carrots. Try a piece of fruit (don't go dipping it in caramel either) instead. If you are like me you enjoy to watch television while eating something, usually some greasy chips. What I do now is drink a cup of coffee, it's just my thing and a better alternative than what I chose in the past.

7. Get a gym membership. Now I am a home gym kind of guy all the way but for some people it might necessary to go somewhere to workout. If you need to get out of the house and go to place to specifically work out only then this might be for you. This could be a great idea if you are the type of person who has trouble starting a workout alone. Surrounding yourself with people who are working out might motivate you.

8. Set your goals. If you don't like the weight you are at then write down the weight you would like to get to. This will help you visualize where you want to be and help motivate you to get there. You can use body measurement and set goals based on that.

9. Use the mirror not the scale. Some people really go out and give tremendous effort in attempt to lose weight but once they get on the scale they see little or no progress and get discouraged. This could be a big mistake. If you look in the mirror, or take a before picture it is much more clear to see your results. You might not have lost much weight but remember that muscle is heavier than fat. You might have gained muscle and lost fat, which is what you might be looking at in the scale.

10. Take the gym home. Having the right type of home fitness equipment could be a great way to motivate you stay consistent in your workout routine. Consistency is the key to weight loss. Doing something for a brief amount of time won't get you major results. Many people use excuses as to why they can't work out. Having equipment in your home could do away with those excuses. You could work out when ever you want and have something all to yourself you enjoy doing.

This might be hard but when it comes to loosing weight, it is effective. The reason so many people are overweight is because it is easy. Doing something about it takes commitment and dedication but even 20 pounds can change your life. You are reading this because you want to lose weight, make it happen. There is no saying you can't because whether you think you can or can't you are right.

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