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4 Tips To Be Healthy And Lose Weight

8/17 14:50:27

4 Tips to Be Healthy And Lose Weight

The way we eat today, determines diet, not a weight loss method to be made from time to time to maintain her figure, but as a lifestyle. There are a few relatively simple changes in our daily habits that will inevitably lead to improved health.

You probably already know this, but I will say because it's important - the average daily intake of calories for men and women differ by about 400 calories in favor of men. For women, it is about 2000 and 2400 for men, for adults 19 years old. These numbers decreased over time for every 10 years after 19 are removed 100 calories, and so women 40 years of age should consume about 1,800 calories, and men about 2,200 calories.

Few healthy tips

Drink only water - you have to replace all soft drinks and sodas with water and any juices. Of course this is not saying that you have to go to extremes, it's fine to drink a glass of orange juice for breakfast or a beer or two when you get together with friends. It is best to replace all fluids with water that you drink during the day. It will help you to quench thirst more quickly and will definitely take off a few pounds of sugar in soft drinks.

Walk at least 45 minutes a day - I know it is quite difficult nowadays, and it's not for lack of desire, but simply because 45 minutes walk to travel for 10 or maybe faster by car. In today's hectic pace, one simply does not have time to walk. But try something like that when you go to the store, select the store that is about 15 minutes walk. This way you will have a total of 30 minutes walk to and back from the store, and additional 10-15 minutes in the store while filling the cart, there are your 45 minutes, right? Additionally you will have to carry shopping back home, contributing to physical exercise.

Eat at least 5 times a day - it sounds strange at first, but it's true, if you eat more times a day, but in smaller portions, you can more easily control the amount of food and calories you ingest and thus way will be close to the average daily rate. Additionally, I can say that purely psychological will be easier to reduce food because you know that only after 2-3 hours again it's time to eat.

Do not eat out of boredom - a strange phenomenon that has happened to anyone eating out of boredom - strange is not it. Increasingly common is to sit down to watch TV while crunches thing. And just like that we see open chips on the table and instantly destroy it. Build your precise schedule for feeding and follow it. Thus, if you notice French fries for the table, and now it's no time for feeding, ignore it. If you can’t ignore it, then store it in a cupboard or even better throw it straight in the trash.

I'm sure there are many ways to help us live a healthy life, and they are not only associated with the regime or the quality of our food. Every long journey begins with the first step I heard a wise people, so it is with our eating habits. Today we will learn to drink only water, tomorrow we will start to eat more often and gradually, without much sense you will develop healthy habits.

Healthy habits that help us to maintain a desired figure will seamlessly lead to other habits and so you will even prolong your life. I'm definitely opposed to strict diets, so looking for a way - rather than restrict, simply incarnated healthy eating habits in everyday life.

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