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National Nutrition Month®: What It Has To Do With You

8/17 14:50:13

National Nutrition Month®: What it Has to Do With You

Nutrition, Exercise and Weight loss. Everyone knows that these three things go together but not everyone understands how to implement each one into their program. A common misconception is that if you exercise you will lose weight or if you diet you’ll lose weight. This is simply not so. What you need is a good combination of a healthy, nutritious diet, a good exercise regime, and then you will get the weight loss you desire.

Nutrition is simply obtaining food or supplements to maintain our health. Now there are literally thousands of ways that we obtain that nutrition. But not all of that is the healthy nutrition that we need. A burger and fries might get you through for the day but that is not the healthiest choice. Even if you are exercising a lot you should stay away from the fast food as much as possible. Instead of spending the money on fast food, try and get fresh foods there are a number of fresh food markets around. You’ll soon notice that after a while of eating fresh foods and cutting out fast foods that you will feel better and that with your exercise regime you are losing more weight.

Now even though you are eating fresh foods and you feel better, the next bit of advice is to not over eat. Even though the food is healthier for you if you eat too much it can still hurt your weight loss. The trick is to not eat past the point that you are full. We have all been to all you can eat restaurants where we feel we need to get our money’s worth. But when you feel full your body is telling you that it has had enough. When you over eat you can actually stretch your stomach so that it is accustomed to more food and in turn you will need to take in more to feel full. This can affect your weight loss significantly, so the trick is to eat just enough that you are full then stop.

Snacking! When we diet we are told to not snack and that is true to a point. However, snacking in between meals can be very effective if done properly. This doesn’t mean eating a dozen donuts for a mid morning snack. A nutritious cup of vegetable or fruit or maybe a protein bar in between meals can curb your hunger and not add too many calories to your daily total. If done properly snacking can help keep your metabolism increased and you can lose more weight by eating more frequently. Just remember to keep the snack small and healthy because it is easy to take in 500 calories in one snack.

Everyone’s favorite part of a diet is cheat days. These are days where you are allowed to stray from your nutritious diet and eat what you want. Don’t get crazy with cheat days. They are designed to give you a little break. However, you need to remember moderation. It might be okay to have some french fries or a donut but if you eat a dozen donuts or french fries for all three meals it can significantly hurt your diet.

So for National Nutrition Month® let all try and eat healthier so that we can live longer lives. And remember that just because something is nutritious that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it. Try and have fun with your nutrition, try new things, make your own recipes, and experiment and you’ll be on your way to a healthier body.

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